Friday, December 2, 2011

The Gypsy Bangles - Women & Whiskey

Women & Whiskey Cover Art


I got an e-mail from this band the other day asking if I would check them out and give them a review. They told me they play in the style of bands like Free... So I figured What the hell Skynfan loves him some Free.. So I go over to there site and figure.. hell this will probably be some youtube wanna be garage band.. Um... No... In fact what I found when I clicked up the First track Women and Whiskey was some very great old school Rock n Roll.. Complete with Killer Bass.. Solid Drums.. Great Guitar Riffs .. And a singer that can actually SING!!! Listening to the rest of the Songs on there website I can Honestly say that I am now a fan of this wonderful Band from Australia!!! These are the kinds of songs I want to rock in my car while rolling down the Highway!!! They fit right in there with the rest of the killer music that sits on my Ipod!! 
Think Skynyrd/Great White/Free.. In other words... Rock n Roll!!!


Women & Whiskey is the debut EP from The Gypsy Bangles, an Australian blues rock band whose music pays tribute to the likes of Free and Deep Purple. The Gypsy Bangles feature Kegan DeBoheme on guitar and lead vocals, Alcides Stowe on drums, Peter Thwaite on bass, and Gabrielle De Giorgio provides the keys. It may be 2011, but The Gypsy Bangles style is straight out of the 1970′s from their sound to the production.
Women & Whiskey starts with “Love and Light,” and the first riff immediately takes you back in time. The classic rock sound is 100% intentional, and while The Gypsy Bangles aren’t breaking any ground here, the songs are all original and high quality. The title track features an excellent hook, as well as some fine guitar playing from Kegan DeBoheme. DeBoheme has a great voice for rock and his vocal phrasing is reminiscent of the some of the prominent singers of the 60′s and 70′s.
The Gypsy Bangles aren’t doing anything new with Women & Whiskey, but they aren’t trying to. It’s refreshing to see a new rock band with such an organic sound. Women & Whiskey is definitely worth giving a listen for any classic rock fan, and will be a band to keep an eye on as they ready their debut album.
The Review: 7.5/10
The Big Hit
- Women & Whiskey

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blackberry Smoke - 2010-08-26 - Sellersville, PA


Look for a new DVD from Blackberry Smoke to be released on Black Friday. Just in time to make a great stocking stuffer!!!!
The DVD will feature live performances and behind the scenes footage of the band.

Listen to Blackberry Smoke here

Thanks to EDGE 

Blackberry Smoke - 2010-08-26 - Sellersville, PA
(Exc Audience mp3@320)

Charlie Starr - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Jackson- Guitar, Vocals
Richard Turner – Bass, Vocals
Brit Turner – Drums
?? - keyboards (I swear I hear keys on this??)

01 - Like I Am
02 - Testify
03 - I'd Be Lyin'
04 - Bottom of This
05 - Sleeping Dogs Lie /
06 - Midnight Rider
07 - Good One Comin' On
08 - Restless*
09 - Up In Smoke
10 - Everybody Knows She's Mine
11 - Prayer for the Little Man
12 - Freeborn Man
Total Time: 61:47

01 - Rollin' & Tumblin'
02 - Sanctified Woman
03 - Sunrise in Texas
04 - Son of the Bourbon
05 - Deep Elem Blues
06 - Shake Your Magnolia
07 - Freedom Song
08 - Shotgun Willie
Total Time: 42:27

*check out the cool guitar riffing in the beginning of RESTLESS - sounds like some Humble Pie and Skynyrd in there!!

(corrections welcome if I have anything in the setlist wrong)

I wasn't at this show; I barely even knew who these guys were when they were here and didn't go. I recently read a rave review about their LITTLE BIT OF DIXIE album that put them on my radar.

I picked up that album and everything I read about that album (and this band) is true - this is the BEST new southern rock I've heard since Ronnie Van Zant was still walking around barefoot on stage in the glory days of Lynyrd Skynyrd.


This show has some new songs not any of their albums yet, some from their DIXIE album, some from their first album BAD LUCK AIN'T NO CRIME, and some from their countryish EP NEW HONKY TONK BOOTLEGS. It also has some covers -Willie Nelson's SHOTGUN WILLIE, The Outlaws' FREEBORN MAN, and a short excerpt of the Allman's MIDNIGHT RIDER that I tracked out as CD1/track6 (it was thrown in during part of the song that I think is called LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE). 

Although they are small now, just making a name for themselves, opening for bands like Skynyrd, Outlaws, Kid Rock, ZZ TOp, etc, I hope these guys get the success they deserve.They should be HUGE.I just hope they don't get swallowed up by the industry and turned into some kind of souless homogenized country music / American Idol crapola act - I can see that as the easiest way to fame & fortune for them.I'd rather see them make it as a rock band go out and buy their records, go to their shows, tell all your friends about them.They need to be "discovered"!

Special thanks to the Dude for going & taping this show, & loaning me his master DAT to share with y'all.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cowboy w/ JR. Mack Live Iridium Jazz Club/ 3/19/11

Just Putting up a show I recently obtained Sorry no setlist But they do a cover of Alex Taylors Southern Kids.... Very worth checking out.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Charlie Daniels Band - October 28, 1976 - At C.W. Post College in Brookville, Long Island

The Charlie Daniels Band Promo Print

The Charlie Daniels Band - October 28, 1976 - At C.W. Post College in Brookville, Long Island, NY. Recorded off a WLIR broadcast.\

1) Wichita Jail
2) It's My Life
3) Saddle Tramp
4) Long Haired Country Boy
5) Roll Mississippi
6) Billy The Kid
7) High Lonesome
8) Texas
9) Cumberland Mountain Number Nine
10) Dixie On My Mind
11) The South's Gonna' Do It Again
12) Orange Blossom Special


Friday, October 16, 2009

Delaney & Friends - Class Reunion

Review by Joe Viglione

Produced by Ray Ruff and Jimmy Bowen on the Motown imprint Prodigal Records, Delaney Bramlett does a soulful-by-way-of-Macon cover of the Temptations' "I Wish It Would Rain," a good idea to try to break out of Motown with the label's own weaponry and a Top Five hit from 1968. It's an excellent re-working. Bramlett lists in his thank yous about a thousand friends -- no exaggeration -- on the back cover, from Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and Eric Clapton to ex-wife Bonnie Bramlett, but Class Reunion by Delaney Bramlett & Friends is a different clan: Fanny'sPatti Quatro, guitarist Spider Taylor, drummers Stu Perry and Jim Keltner, and a duet with ABC artist Susie Allanson on "For Old Times Sake." Make no mistake, this is more a Delaney Bramlett album like his 1973 CBS outing, Mobius Strip, than a class-reunion project, though it does have a classy sound. The only obvious holdovers from Mobius Strip are Clydie King on backing vocals, songwriter Doug Gilmore, and manager John Bramlett. That being said, this album is very, very strong. "Everyday's a Holiday," the one track written by Bramlett, Peter Spellman, and Doug Gilmore, is a standout among ten funky, thoughtful, engrossing essays of Southern pop. Sometimes changing labels can jump start a career, but Motown was an anomaly, not able to deliver album projects the way it did hit singles in the '60s. Had Delaney Bramlett stayed on CBS and gotten support, a pure pop tune like "You Can't Measure My Love," sounding so much like an earthy Mac Davis, might've been a huge adult contemporary hit. Bramlett goes from sounding like the voice of Eric Clapton by way of Terri Gibbs on "Locked up in Alabama" (keep in mind that Gibbs hit with "Somebody's Knocking" four years after this album) to Ronnie Milsap, who, no coincidence, had a number one country hit on RCA when this album, Class Reunion, was released. As evidenced by the Genesis album of early Delaney & Bonnie and solo Bramlett tracks, the singer can be a chameleon and possesses an uncanny ability to have his own style while copping other voices simultaneously. Songwriter Randy Sharp contributes the last three titles: "Who You Gonna Blame It On," "You Were the Light," and the exquisite duet with Susie Allanson, "For Old Times Sake." What it proves is that Delaney Bramlett has major talent; had he and Bonnie stayed together, had they grown together on their CBS deal, they would have had a clear chance to dominate the charts and become an overwhelming presence in pop music. Class Reunion is a tragedy in that it is so good and so forgotten.

1 Locked up in Alabama
2 Every Day's a Holiday
3 I Wish It Would Rain
4 It's a Touchy Situation
5 You Can't Measure My Love
6 I Think I Got It
7 Invitation to a Heartbreak
8 For Old Times' Sake
9 Who You Gonna Blame It On
10 You Were the Light

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vision (Billy Powell - Lynyrd Skynyrd) 1985


1985 - Heartland Records

George Atwell: Synthesizers
Andy deGanahl: Assistant Engineer
Mike Fuller: Mastered
Keith Holmes: Saxophone
Shawn Hurley: Assistant Engineer
David Jinright: Songwriter, Synthesizers
Leonard Jones: Songwriter, Guitars, Violin, Vocals
Chuck Kjergaard: Assistant Engineer
Mike Maple: Drums, Vocals
Rocco Marshall: Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
Sandra Marshall: Songwriter
Greg McNeily: Producer, Engineer, Bass
Billy Powell: Piano
Martin Tomlinson: Bass


1. Dynamos
2. Lord is My Joy
3. Old Man
4. Dedicated
5. Soldiers Song
6. Standing on the Rock
7. Don't Say It's Over
8. Psalm 23
9. You Are My Only Lord
10. You're the One

Skynfan is on the hunt for Billy's Solo Album Second Time Around. Any Help would be much app. Thank You.