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Atlanta Rhythm Section-Atlanta Rhythm Section

1. Love Me Just A Little (Sometime) (Nix/Daughtry/Buie)-6:05
2. Baby No Lie (Nix/Daughtry/Buie/Bailey)-3:51
3. All In Your Mind (Buie/Cobb)-3:16
4. Earnestine (Nix/Daughtry/Bailey/Goddard)-2:33
5. Forty Days And Forty Nights (Bramblett/Causey/Jones)-4:21
6. Another Man's Woman (It's So Hard) (Nix/Daughtry/Buie)-4:46
7. Days Of Our Lives (Buie/Bailey/Cobb)-3:12
8. Yours And Mine (Nix/Buie)-2:39
9. Can't Stand It No More (Buie/Cobb/Justo)-4:02
10. One More Problem (Nix/Daughtry/Buie/Bailey)-3:08

Cher's 3614 Jackson Highway Album

Just thought I'd let ya'll know Duane Allman is all over this LP. I'm no Cher fan but this one
is very good. Worth checking out.

Cher's 3614 Jackson Highway Album

1) For What It's Worth
2) (Just Enough To Keep Me) Hangin' On
3) (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
4) Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
5) I Threw It All Away
6) I Walk On Guilded Splinters
7) Lay Baby Lay
8) Please Don't Tell Me
9) Cry Like A Baby
10) Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
11) Save The Children
12) Easy To Be Hard
13) I Believe
14) Danny Boy
15) Mama Look Sharp
16) It Gets Me Where I Want To Go
17) You've Made Me So Very Happy
18) Yours Until Tomorrow
19) The Thought Of Loving You
20) The First Time
21) Chastity's Song (Band Of Thieves)
22) Chastity's Song (Band Of Thieves) STEREO ALBUM VERSION
23) Superstar

Information about the album courtesy of Rhino Records
In 1969 Cher began recording what would be her only solo album to be released on Atco Records. It was an 11-track collection of mostly covers that would be recorded at the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama with the equally legendary Muscle Shoals session players.

Though the paperwork is somewhat murky, there were other Cher sessions for Atco after the recording of the 3614 Jackson Highway. A few of these recordings appeared on Atco singles. Most were never utilized in any manner. However, in 1970 someone at Atco assembled these Gold Star recordings, along with Cher's first Atco solo single sides and other then-non-LP Cher solo Atco singles tracks into a compilation reel certainly intended for commercial release. But, as we all know now, there was never any second CHER solo album and, consequently, almost all of these subsequent Cher solo recordings have stayed on the Atco vault shelves unheard.

Rhino Handmade has finally remedied this. Our expanded version of 3614 Jackson Highway contains every solo recording Cher made and released for Atco Records under her own name. It begins with the complete STEREO version of the 3614 Jackson Highway album remastered from the original 2-track album master. It then contains the complete 1970 assembled compilation reel for the proposed, but abandoned, second Atco album release. It should be noted here and now that this assembled compilation reel is in MONO. There appears to have been, again for reasons not clear to us at this point, no STEREO master for this proposed project prepared. Nor, with the exception of a single STEREO master for one track recorded for the Chastity soundtrack album, are there any surviving individual STEREO masters for any of the other tracks which appear on this assembled compilation reel. To this has been added the aforementioned STEREO version of "Chastity's Song (Band Of Thieves)." And it ends with the final recording Cher made for and delivered to Atco Records, the STEREO "Superstar."

This Rhino Handmade release of 3614 Jackson Highway has been expanded to contain every surviving solo Atco recording. Each of the 23 tracks has been remastered from the original master tapes, five tracks are previously unreleased and all tracks appear together on compact disc for the first time anywhere.

3614 Jackson Highway (1969)

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The 31st of February - 1969 - The 31st of February

Thanks to Lost-In-Tyme

The 31st of February - 1969 - The 31st of February

01 Sand Castles (2:44)
02 Porcelain Mirrors (2:55)
03 Broken Day (2:56)
04 Wrong (2:11)
05 Greener Isle (2:45)
06 Codeine (6:17)
07 Different Kind of Head (2:46)
08 Pedestals (2:25)
09 Free (2:29)
10 Nickel's Worth of Benny's Help (4:22)
11 Pick a Gripe (2:06)
12 Cries of Treason (3:09)

'60s pop-psychedelic/folk-rock. Most of the songs are from Scott Boyer or David Brown, they also cover Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Cod'ine", Jackie DeShannon "The Greener Isle", and the Dan Penn-Spooner Oldham-Chips Moman collaboration "Sandcastles."

Light, reflective folk-rock is the primary color, slightly more downbeat than upbeat (heard to its best effect on "Porcelain Mirrors" and the lugubrious "Cries of Treason"), with a faint Baroque tinge to some of the arrangements and the occasional orchestration. There's a bit of California psychedelic freakout as well on "A Nickel's Worth of Benny's Help".

The 31st of February made an album for Vanguard in the late 1960s. There was a little bit of folk-rock, a little bit of psychedelia, and a little bit of pop. All of their members, went on to projects that made a more lasting commercial impact. Butch Trucks became drummer for the Allman Brothers; Scott Boyer played in Cowboy; and bassist David Brown went to Santana.

~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

All I could say was YEEEEE HAWWWWWWW when I found this over at Lost-In-Tyme
this is some Rare Shit here. Cowboy Fan's must have

Enjoy !!!

Illinois Speed Press

Illinois Speed Press - Selftitled & Duet (1969-70)

The Illinois Speed Press

James Guercio discovered the Rovin' Kind at the Chicago Whiskey-A-Go-Go, where they were the house band. He offered them management and production and brought them back to Los Angeles where they were signed to CBS/Columbia Records under their new name, Illinois Speed Press. The change happened in February 1968. They opened for other major recording acts such as Led Zepplin, Chicago & Steppenwolf.
Initial members of ISP were the same as the Rovin’ Kind. Keith Anderson was replaced prior to the recording of the first ISP album mainly at Guerico’s urging. Keith comments:
"We left Chicago during the Democratic Convention riots, 1968, and moved to Hollywood. Later, James Guercio moved the Chicago Transit Authority to Hollywood for recording purposes. Both bands lived in bungalows next door to each other, while recording albums. We started recording the ISP first album. I wrote the song on this album, "Be a Woman". Mike Anthony re-wrote a lot of my lyrics, and is named co-writer with justification. It came to pass, James Guercio felt my bass playing was not good enough during the first ISP album's recording, and he convinced the band to let me go. This was a sad time (witness Paul Cotton's "Bad Weather"). James Guercio then had Freddy Peppalardo and Mike Anthony leave the ISP. Sad, Sad. I truly feel James took the heart out of the band, and then tried to make it go with the brains."

John Kelly, road manager for the band until Oct '69, reflects:
"One night after a gig Freddy, Kal, and I went to Calumet Park to cool off at the beach and see the sunrise (a very big thing in Chicago, at least at that time). While we were there Freddy and Kal were talking about going on the road to California which loomed like a Garden of Eden to all of us. This was not long after California Dreamin was a hit. If you've ever gone through a Chicago winter, you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, Kal said" why don't you come w/ us". Freddy chimed right in, saying "yeah, c'mon". I couldn't wrap my brain around the idea that night but a week later off I went."
Early influence on Gary Rossington and Allen Collins of Lynyrd Skynyrd

Cd 1
01 - Get In The Wind
02 - Hard Luck Story
03 - Here Today
04 - Pay The Price
05 - P.N.S. When You Come Around
06 - Be A Woman
07 - Sky Song
08 - Beauty
09 - Free Ride
10 - Right On Time
11 - Nite People
12 - G.I.T.W. Part II (Instrumental)

Cd 2
01 - Country Dumplin'
02 - Sadly Out Of Place
03 - The One Who Knows
04 - Dearly, Bittersweet, Randon Roads (And His Big Band)
05 - Morning Blues
06 - Bad Weather
07 - The Life
08 - The Visit
09 - Seventheen Days

Some Bobby Whitlock

Thanks goes out to echoesinthewind where these gems org. came from. Check out the site its full of rare LP's like these.

Bobby Whitlock - Bobby Whitlock (1972)

Bobby Whitlock, as some of you might remember, played with Delaney & Bonnie & Friends and was a member of Derek and the Dominos, playing keyboards on the group’s landmark Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.

After the Dominos disbanded during the recording of their second (unreleased) album, Whitlock had a short solo career (at least as far as record-buying public was concerned). He released four albums in the next few years and then pretty much faded from mass audience view. (He’s been more active in the past few years, releasing a few CDs, as anyone interested can see at

This is a rip from vinyl of his first album, a 1972 record never released on CD. Here’s what All-Music Guide had to say about it:

“A former member of Delaney & Bonnie's backup band, as well as a member of Derek & the Dominoes, Bobby Whitlock's first solo record treads much of the same ground. With contributions from Delaney Bramlett, Whitlock turns in a solid effort filled with southern gospel influences ("A Day Without Jesus") and rootsy rockers. On the mournful ballad "Dreams of a Hobo" Whitlock shows that all his good material was not spent on the Derek & the Dominoes project. Though long out of print, this record is worth searching out for its encapsulation of early-'70s southern roots rock.”

Here’s the tracklist:
Where There’s A Will
Song for Paula
A Game Called Life
Country Life
A Day Without Jesus
Back In My Life Again
The Scenery Has Slowly Changed
I’d Rather Live the Straight Life
Ease Your Pain
Back Home In England

The file is about 39 MB, ripped from vinyl at 192 kbs. Here’s the link:

Bobby Whitlock - Rock Your Sox Off (1976)

The record presented here today is Rock Your Sox Off, the last of Whitlock’s four albums of the 1970s. (Raw Velvet and One Of A Kind will be shared here, too, very soon.) It’s of a piece with the rest of his work, and its songs wouldn’t sound out of place on records by either Delaney & Bonnie & Friends or Derek & the Dominos. In fact, one of them was on Layla. Whitlock opens the album with his own take on “Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad,” reclaiming at least some of his portion of the legacy of those legendary sessions and that legendary record.

Another Killer LP

Track list:
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
If You Only Knew Me
Sweet Mother’s Fun
The Second Time Around
Brand New Song
Bottom of the Bottle
(It’s Been A) Long Long Time
Make It Through The Night

51.18 MB rip from vinyl at 192 kbps

Bobby Whitlock - One Of A Kind (1975)

One Of A Kind is a better piece of work with a better groove. Released on Capricorn, it features performances by several members of the Allman Brothers Band, most notably Dickey Betts, whose slide guitar makes “You Don’t Have To Be Alone” into a near-classic cut, and Chuck Leavell, who plays piano on “We Made It To The Moon,” Rocky Mountain Blues,” and “The Right Road Back Home.” Jaimoe plays congas on “Movin’ On” and “Free and Easy Way (Of Lovin’ You),” which All-Music Guide calls “a light and airy masterpiece.” Capricorn stalwart Johnny Sandlin adds tambourine to “Goin’ To California” and “Have You Ever Felt Like Leavin’.”

Produced by Whitlock and Bill Halverson, the record has T.J. Tindall on electric guitar and banjo, Kenny Tibbets on bass and Rick Eckstein on drums. Whitlock plays piano, organ, acoustic guitar, Leslie guitar, chimes and percussion.

Track listing
Movin’ On
You Still On My Mind
Rocky Mountain Blues
Be Honest With Yourself
Goin’ To California
Free and Easy Way (Of Lovin’ You)
The Right Road Back Home
You Don’t Have To Be Alone
Have You Ever Felt Like Leavin’
We Made It To The Moon

55.31 MB mp3 rip from vinyl at 192 kbps

Bobby Whitlock - Raw Velvet (1972)

Raw Velvet – which has the most gawdawful cover (check it out at Wikipedia) – is a not bad album of southern rock and R&B that has a couple of standout tracks. “Tell The Truth” is Whitlock’s solo version of the song he co-wrote with Eric Clapton for Derek & the Dominos’ Layla. The gospelly “Ease Your Pain,” written by eccentric genius Hoyt Axton, was released as a single in the spring of 1972 but failed to reach the Top 40.

Jimmy Miller and Joe Zagarino produced the album, released on ABC-Dunhill, with one cut (“Hello L.A., Goodbye Birmingham”) produced by Whitlock and Andy Johns. Musicians are Rick Vito – who showed up in the 1987-1991 version of Fleetwood Mac – on guitar, Keith Ellis on bass and Don Poncher on drums. Whitlock plays rhythm guitar and keyboards. A few other musicians evidently played on “Hello L.A., Goodbye Birmingham,” but the notes crediting the guitar and drum players are just sketches of little dominos and the bass player is listed only as “@ friend.” Dominos, eh? Evidently Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon lent a hand on that cut, but the bass player was not Carl Radle. Who, then? I dunno. Those are the only performance credits on the record, which means the excellent back-up singers remain nameless. Whitlock’s tailor, on the other hand is listed; he was John Morgan.

Now this LP has got Most of the derek and the Damino's playing on the record and I belive both Eric Clapton and Duane Allman are on the first few tracks

A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Track listing
Tell The Truth
Bustin’ My Ass
Write You A Letter
Ease Your Pain
If You Ever
You Came Along
Think About It
Dearest I Wonder
Start All Over

49.12 MB mp3 rip from vinyl at 192 kbps

Allman and Woman: Two the Hard Way

Allman & Woman - Two the Hard Way

Two different vocal styles jell into a belting and gutsy mix as Cher and Gregg sing together both in unison and back and forth. The LP's Southern gospel r&b flavor works from an easy going and free flowing MOR feel with instrumentation of studio slickness that includes horns, strings and a punching rhythm section. Best cuts: "Move Me," "You've Really Got a Hold On Me."
-- Billboard (Originally reviewed for week ending 11/26/77)

Two the Hard Way was a 1977 album by Gregg Allman and Cher, billed in politically incorrect fashion as Allman and Woman.

The product of the two singers' unlikely and turbulent relationship and marriage, it attempted an even more unlikely musical melding of Allman's Southern rock with Cher's idiosyncratic, personality-driven pop. The uncharacteristically airblown cover notwithstanding, Allman's musical ideas and singing generally took the lead.

The album was not well-received; the 1979 Rolling Stone Record Guide said "It's hard to imagine a more inappropriate combination ... It's the bottom of the barrel after a long fall for Gregg, and more of the same for Cher," and rated the album "Worthless". Allman and Woman were not a commercial success either; by the time the 1983 edition of the same guide had come out, the album was out of print

Track listing

  1. "Move Me"
  2. "I Found You"
  3. "Loce"
  4. "Can You Fool" (Smotherman)
  5. "You've Really Got a Hold on Me" (Smokey Robinson)
  6. "We're Gonna Make It"
  7. "Do What You Gotta Do"
  8. "In for the Night"
  9. "Shadow Dream Song" (Jackson Browne)
  10. "Island" (Allman, Colton, Neel, Toler)
  11. "I Love Makin' Love to You"
  12. "Love Me"

Gregg Allman (Keyboards), Gregg Allman (Vocals), Gregg Allman (Producer), Gregg Allman (Main Performer), Cher (Vocals), Clydie King (Vocals), Mickey Raphael (Harmonica), Bobbye Hall (Percussion), Scott Boyer (Guitar), Randall Bramblett (Saxophone), Harrison Calloway (Horn), Ben Cauley (Trumpet), Ronnie Eades (Saxophone), Venetta Fields (Vocals), Dennis Good (Trombone), Doug Hayward (Vocals), Pat Henderson (Vocals), Ricky Hirsch (Guitar), Jim Horn (Horn), John Leslie Hug (Guitar), Neil Larsen (Keyboards), Russell Morris (Vocals), Timothy B. Schmit (Vocals), Fred Tackett (Guitar), Harvey Thompson (Saxophone), Willie Weeks (Bass), Bill Stewart (Drums), Sherlie Matthews (Vocals)

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Alex Taylor With Friends and Neighbors

Hey there.

I just started my blog because I wanted folks to be able to share in the type of music I get into.
Mainly for friends of mine to have easy access to the albums I find in other blogs and some of my own also.

So I'll start out with one a friend over at found for me. Thanks Ricsi

Alex Taylor w/Friends and Neighbors (1971)

Released July,1971
Recorded 1971
Genre Southern Rock
Length 34:00
Label Capricorn
Producer(s) Johnny Sandlin

Alex Taylor With Friends and Neighbors is the debut album by Alex Taylor, brother of James, Livingston and Kate Taylor. The album was recorded in Macon, Georgia at Capricorn Studios. The standout tracks are brother James' "Highway Song", "It's All Over Now", and Gregg Allman's "Southbound".

Track listing

1. "Highway Song" (James Taylor) - 3:17
2. "Southern Kids" (Scott Boyer) - 2:31
3. "All in Line" (Tommy Talton) - 2:50
4. "Night Owl" (James Taylor) - 3:20
5. "C Song" (Scott Boyer) - 2:10
6. "It's All Over Now" (Bobby Womack/Shirley Womack) - 3:41
7. "Baby Ruth" (Johnny Ryker) - 3:23
8. "Take Out Some Insurance" (Charles Singleton) - 4:18
9. "Southbound" (Gregg Allman) - 8:30


* Alex Taylor - vocals
* James Taylor - guitar
* Scott Boyer - guitar, background vocals
* Tommy Talton - guitar
* Paul Hornsby - keyboards
* Johnny Sandlin - bass
* Peter Kowalke - guitar
* Joe Rudd - guitar
* Bill Stewart - drums
* King Curtis - saxophone
* Willie Bridges - saxophone
* Ronnie Cuber - saxophone
* Frank Wess - saxophone
* Daniel Moore - trumpet
* William S. Fischer - conductor, string arrangements


* Producer: Johnny Sandlin
* Recording Engineer: Lewis Hahn/Jim Hawkins
* Art Direction: Jimmy Roberts
* Photography: Mickey Dobo
* Executive Supervisor: Frank Fenter

This is a collectors Album for those into the Allman Brothers. A boatload of Brothers were on this Album. The entire band Cowboy are present. A MUST HAVE FOR ALLMAN BROTHERS FANS!!!!!!!!