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Sorry About the lack of posts

Thanks all for your concern I just aint been around the computer much. But don't worry I aint done yet. There'll be plenty more to come. - Skynfan

Thursday, November 8, 2007

China Sky - S/T (Bobby Ingram Before Molly Hatchet after Danny Joe Brown)


1. Turn On The Night
2. The Glory
3. Some Kind of Miracle
4. Winner Takes It All
5. All The Time
6. Only the Young
7. Reckless Days.
8. Lost In Your Love
9. Dancing on The Edge
10. The Last Romantic Warrior

O.K. I'm just gonna say that the only reason I'm posting this is because of the relationship to Molly Hatchet and The Danny Joe Brown Band. Because track 10 should tell you what kind of album this is. It sounds as if there trying to write the score for the next Karate Kid. Damn cocaine was a hell of a drug in the 80's and the music reflects that 100% I mean Bobby lets loose a few rips but the songwriteing was for sure ment for pop radio of the time - Skynfan

china sky - album credits

Bob Marlette Synthesizer, Percussion
Ron Perry Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Karl Richardson Producer
Frank Wildhorn Piano, Piano (Grand), Producer
Tony Lane Art Direction
Nancy Donald Art Direction
Jean-Francois Podevin Illustrations
Richard Smith Bass, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Wiley & Flynn Photography
China Sky Main Performer
Chuck Barth Synthesizer
Tom Coerver Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Andy de Ganahl Engineer
Bobby Ingram Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Vocals (Background), Vocals, Mandolin

Monday, November 5, 2007


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Be Good / How Can I Tell You / Put On Your Shoes And Walk / You Better Move On / Funk #49 / You Are My Sunshine / Whatever Turns You On / Darling You're All That I Had / Slip Away / I Don't Really Want You

A guitarist, singer, and young instrumental genius from Memphis who cut his first record at the tender age of twelve, Travis Wammack is one of the great unheralded guitarists of rock & roll. A contemporary of Lonnie Mack, Wammack was simply the fastest guitar player in a town bursting at the seams with great guitarists. By the time he was 17, he appeared on the national charts with "Scratchy," a speed-burner instrumental featuring incredible distortion and dazzling technique. Several incredible singles followed, but none charted. By the late '60s, Wammack had moved into session work at the FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL, playing on countless hits. He continues recording and touring to the present day (recently working as musical director for Little Richard), his hot and speedy guitar chops intact. ~ Cub Koda, All Music Guide

The download link is:

Barry Lee Harwoods' comments about the Live Alias Recording

Howdy Folks I e-mailed Barry Lee to see what he had to say about whether or not he was on the recording and this was his reply. -Skynfan

This is Barrylee Harwood - thanks so much for the e-mail and question - I did not play on this recording - during this period of time the newly formed Rossington Collins Band was writing/rehearsing - I did (as you know) play on the Alias album and although I haven't heard the show you're talking about I'm assuming that whoever played guitar was copying the parts I played on the record???? I dunno! Maybe that's why it sounds like me.
I'm not sure about Skip - he may have worked with Jimmy in "Black Bear Angel" - you should contact him or Dorman for all the facts so that info doesn't get off track!
I'm currently in the studio with my new band CHARIOT - working on the debut album - if you still get tingles when you hear "the old stuff", you're gonna flip out when you hear what's comin' down the pike from me!
Hope this helps you.
HeartStrings are tied,

MusicaLee.jpg - 62511 Bytes

  • Founding member, guitarist, songwriter with "The Allen Collins Band"
  • Co-producer of the MCA album release "Here There & Back"
  • Songwriter, acoustic, electric & slide guitars, dobro, mandolin, lead & backing vocals with "The Rossington Collins Band", Co-producer of MCA album releases "Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere" and "This Is The Way We R.C."
  • Guitarist, songwriter, vocalist with "Studebaker Hawk"
  • Acoustic guitars, mandolin, electric & slide guitars, pedal steel, vocals with "Melanie" on the albums "Sunset & Other Beginnings" / "As I See It Now" and during a European concert tour.
  • Electric guitars, lapsteel with "Lobo" on the albums "Of A Simple Man" & "Lobo" and during a concert tour of the U.S.A. Australia, New Zealand and Germany.
  • Paul Davis - "Southern Tracks & Fantasies"
  • Jim Stafford - "Swamp Witch"
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd sessions include:
  • Dobro, mandolin - "Made In The Shade" ("Nuthin' Fancy")
  • Mandolin - "All I Can Do Is Write About It" ("Gimme Back My Bullets")
  • Dobro - "Honky Tonk Night Time Man" ("Street Survivors")
  • Co-wrote and produced the theme song for the “Rainbow Drought Relief”
Barrylee Has Worked With
Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rossington Collins Band, Allen Collins Band, Lobo, Alias, Melanie, Paul Davis, Ron Price, Jim Stafford, Joe South

harwood_jams.jpg - 6499 Bytes
Barrylee Was A Member Of These Bands
Rossington Collins Band (1980-1982)
Allen Collins Band (1983)
Hlubeck/Harwood Band (1988)
Little Maggie Band (1989)
Timepiece (1990)
Israel (1972)

BLHtp.jpg - 15337 Bytes

Barrylee Has Appeared On
  • Lobo Of a Simple Man (1972) Electric Guitar
  • Lobo Calumet (1973) Electric Guitar
  • Ronn Price Magical Musical World of Ronn Price (1974) Electric and Steel Guitar
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Nuthin' Fancy (1975) Dobro, Mandolin
  • Mike Heron Mike Herons Reputation (1975) Electric Guitar
  • Melanie As I See It Now (1975) Electric and Steel Guitar, Vocals
  • Paul Davis Southern Tracks & Fantasies (1976) Electric Guitar
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Gimme Back My Bullets (1976) Dobro, Mandolin
  • Alias Contraband (1979) Electric Guitar
  • Rossington Collins Band Anytime Anyplace Anywhere (1980) Accoustic, Electric, Slide Guitars; Backing Vocals, Co-Producer
  • Rossington Collins Band This Is the Way (1982) Accoustic, Electric, Slide Guitars, Dobro, Mandolin; Lead and Backing Vocals, Co-Producer
  • Allen Collins Band Here, There & Back (1983) Accoustic, Electric, Slide Guitars; Lead and Backing Vocals
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Solo Flytes (1999)
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Nuthin' Fancy/Second Helping/Street Survivors (2001) Dobro, Mandolin
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Nuthin' Fancy [Expanded Edition] Dobro, Mandolin
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd Street Survivors [Expanded Edition] (2001) Dobro

gritz.gif - 3186 BytesInnerviews
"Don't Misunderstand Me"
"Rossington-Collins, The Allen Collins Band and Beyond"
Ace Moreland Benefit

Alex Taylor - Voodoo in Me (1989 Very Rare Southern Rock)

Alex Taylor - Voodoo in Me

01. Voodoo In You 3:18
02. He Will Break Your Heart 4:18
03. Tequila Quicksand 3:11
04. Catch Me When I Fall 4:00
05. Smokin' At The Gas Pump 3:00
06. Vanessa 3:04
07. Graveyard Dogs 3:22
08. You Got A Way With Me 3:21
09. Time On The Inside 4:23
10. North Carolina 4:19

Alex Taylor - Vocals
James Taylor - Vocals
Jim Shepley - Guitar
Ernie Lancaster - Guitar
Dru Lombar - Guitar
Bryan Bassett - Guitar
Tommy Talton - Guitar
Donald Kinsey - Guitar & Back Vocals
Lucky Peterson - Keyboards & Back Vocals
Gregg Allman - Keyboards
Bob Greenlee - Bass
Jim Payne - Drums
Denny Best - Drums
Noble 'Thin Man' Watts - Tenor Sax
Lawson 'Buzz' Montsinger - Tenor Sax
Bill Samuel - Tenor & Baritone Sax
Sylvestor Polk - Trumpet
'Jumpin' Johnny Sansone - Harmonica
Vyki Z. Walls - Back Vocals
Yvonne Jackson - Back Vocals
Ron Prince - Back Vocals
Ralph Kinsey - Back Vocals
Kenneth Kinsey - Back Vocals

® 1989 King Snake Records


50mb in 192kbps
Download From

This is one that good friend Ricsi found for me.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Loose Change - 12 -31-89 (Chris Hicks From The Outlaws)

1. The Wheel
2. Never Know Why
3. Keep It Together
4. Love Is On The Line
5. Nobody knows

What was your first big break in music?

My first taste of the real thing was a band I had together called Loose Change. That was high school buddies that had a band that had changed faces and names and all that a few times through the years, but really a lot of the same guys played together for a long time. We started doing original music as well as some covers to get into the clubs and all. We started opening for bands, like Charlie Daniels, and The Atlanta Rhythm Section, and The Outlaws. We were kind of the hot band in town, so we always got the opening ticket for a few years, as well as killing them in the the clubs. We built us a little reputation and went to Muscle Shoals, Alan Walden was our manager then, and we recorded our album. We actually got an album on vinyl before they stopped doing that. It was released regionally and did okay, it didnít break no records but it did okay. We did a single that was going to be on our second album, by this time we were doing some pretty good shows, playing The Cotton Club in Atlanta and things like that. The song was used in a Jim Varney movie called ìFast Foods.î That gave us a little spark and we got a little air play. It was called ìLove is On the Line.î It wasnít an ìErnestî movie, but heís always the same type of character. It was a college type movie. And 96 Rock jumped on us and played us because of that.

So we opened for The Outlaws a bunch at that time. At the time, Alan was also Hughieís (Thomasson) publisher, so I had known Hughie for a few years during this time and weíd get together and jam, and Iíd sit in with The Outlaws. And when weíd go down to Muscle Shoals to record, Hughie and them would be down there a lot too, so I would play on some of their tracks and theyíd play on some of mine, mainly Hughie. We got to be big buddies and everything, which eventually lead to him asking me to join The Outlaws in 1989.

So we hooked up, and I still did a few dates that year with my band while playing with The Outlaws, and then we got going real well with The Outlaws and I ended up having to dissolve my band. I stayed with The Outlaws full time right up until the time I joined Marshall Tucker, really. I guess that was 1996, but we had kind of dissolved The Outlaws the year before that when Hughie joined Lynyrd Skynyrd. But weíre still going to do a couple of more records. - Taken From an interview from Gritz Magazine.

A Request From Skynfan

I am Looking for any recorded material from Ruby Starr and Blackfoot!!!! Any Help You Guys Could Give Would Be Appreciated.


1. Ruby Starr (vocals), Rickey Medlocke (guitar), Charlie Hargrett (guitar), Greg T. Walker (bass), Jakson Spires (drums)

2. Rickey Medlocke (vocals / guitar), Charlie Hargrett (guitar), Greg T. Walker (bass), Jakson Spires (drums)

In 1977 BLACKFOOT approached BLACK OAK ARKANSAS manager Butch Stone for representation. Although Stone could not oblige he did hook the band up with solo artist and ex-BLACK OAK ARKANSAS singer RUBY STARR (real name Connie Mierzwiac). The band, now billed RUBY STARR AND BLACKFOOT, toured America throughout late 1977. BLACKFOOT would generally open the show before performing a second set with Starr singing. In 1978 Starr fell in love with guitarist Fred Hodnik from a guesting band LUCY GREY and quit to remould this band into GREY STAR.

Alias - Live - Atlanta GA. 11-24- 1979

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1. Intro
2. Cafe Deluxe
3. Dagger in The Night
4. Holiday
5. Devils Bride
6. Can't Dry Up
7. Dead Giveaway
8. True Love
9. Child Of Fortune
10. Street Fighter
11. Who Do You Love
12. True Love
13. Outro

Chuck Colby - Drums
Skip Batelon (sp.?) - Guitar
Chuck Cassidy - Keyboards
? Ricky Powell ? - Bass

Here is a real gem. Alias Live!!!!!! I just got my hands on this and let me tell ya it kicks ass!!! Thank God for the internet. I'm not sure who all is in the band. I know that the three key members are. I don't belive that anyone from Skynyrd is with them as they talk about the formation of the Rossington Collins Band. Intro is by Robert Nix from Atlanta Rhythm Section.
This one is RARE!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Blue Lords - 3 song EP.



Based out of Norfolk, Virginia this hard driving band makes no bones about where their roots lie. With a blistering twin-guitar attack, coupled with an undeniable authenticity, the BLUE LORDS have parlayed their rollicking, hell-raisin' sounds into appearances with such notable acts as: ZZ TOP, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, 38 SPECIAL, DOOBIE BROTHERS, CHARLIE DANIELS, PETER FRAMPTON, THE OUTLAWS, BLACKFOOT, PAT TRAVERS, BLUE OYSTER CULT, KANSAS, JOHNNY WINTER, MOLLY HATCHET, STEPPENWOLF, & JEFFERSON STARSHIP, among others.

Consistently entertaining, with a healthy dose of humor, the BLUE LORDS have caused legions of people to exclaim, "Damn, I didn't think there were any bands like this left!"

1. Open House

2. Southbound Train

3. Walk The Walk

This is a friend of mine's band. I met him while he was playing in Jimmie Van Zant's Band. He was a real good friend of Alan Collins and can kick some ass on guitar. This Guy is the real deal and this is a kick ass band. - Skynfan Check Out There Website


Tony With Allen Collins

Monday, October 22, 2007

Ace Moreland Talks about Steve Gains

Leon Wilkeson

Jam For George McCorkle

From: Jam for George

Date: Oct 15, 2007 4:23 PM

Jam 4 George - Line-Up

Updated Lineup (as of 10/15/2007)

Hello Folks ! It's been a Long Hard Ride, but there's good news...the Jam For George McCorkle Benefit Concert is once again rollin' forward. Due to some scheduling conflicts with both performers and venues, the date for the concert is now November 3, 2007. The location will be Barnet Park in Spartanburg, SC. ** LINE-UP **
Past and Present Members of The Marshall Tucker Band
Tommy Crain & The Crosstown Allstars
The Winters Brothers Band
The Chris Hicks Experience
Paul Hornsby
Johnny Neel
Henry Paul
Jimmie Van Zant Band
Candy Coburn - George performed his last show with Candy
JoJo Billingsley, Lesley Hawkins and Artimus Pyle (formerly of Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Steve Grisham
Southern Boys Band featuring Justin McCorkle & Bruce Wall
Brad "The Animal" Lesley
Michael Buffalo Smith Band
Winters/Heatherly Project
Jackson Crossing
Silver Travis Band
Mark Emerick
Ragged Jack
Freddie Vanderford
Cadillac High
Sonny Edwards
Freddie Wooten
Monica Perry
Whiskey Brown
As always, THANKS for the continuing support and encouragement from all the fans and friends of George and the original Marshall Tucker Band.

If anyone's going to this and is passing threw Illinois let me know this Brother needs a ride!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Blackfoot - Shapes of Things + Fillers

I received this labeled Maxi Live 1985. There are some Studio and some live. I just threw this together so you could download Shapes of Things.

From About Shapes of Things: It's taken from a home recording from back in our memorable "bar band" days,
recorded at the Searchlight Lounge in Stanhope, New Jersey in the winter of 1974
(just before we started recording our first album).

1. Dry Country (Studio)
2. To Hard To Handle (Studio)
3. On The Run (Donington 1981)
4. Train Train (Live ?)
5. On The Run (Donington, Same Damn Track as 3.)
6. Shapes Of Things (Live 1974)

Travis Wammack - Not For Sale (Capricorn)

1. Cookin' on the Front Burner
2. A Lover's Question
3. Shotgun Woman
4. I Forgot to Remember
5. Looking for a Fox
6. You've Got Your Troubles
7. Love Being Your Fool
8. Easy Evil
9. Love Rustler
10. Greenwood Mississippi

I was sent this one from fellow blog reader skydog. I'm very glad he did this is a very good record. Thanks go out to him I needed this gem.

From Wikipedia:
Travis Wammack (born 1946) is an American rock and roll guitarist from Memphis, Tennessee. A child prodigy, Wammack's first record was issued when he was twelve years old, and at 17 he hit the American charts with "Scratchy", an instrumental which peaked at #80 in 1964. Wammack got work recording at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals in the 1960s, and in 1975 released a solo album which generated two hits in the US, "Easy Evil" (#72) and "Love Being Your Fool" (#38). Wammack never stopped performing, working in the 1990s with Little Richard among others.

From Allmusic:
A guitarist, singer, and young instrumental genius from Memphis who cut his first record at the tender age of twelve, Travis Wammack is one of the great unheralded guitarists of rock & roll. A contemporary of Lonnie Mack, Wammack was simply the fastest guitar player in a town bursting at the seams with great guitarists. By the time he was 17, he appeared on the national charts with "Scratchy," a speed-burner instrumental featuring incredible distortion and dazzling technique. Several incredible singles followed, but none charted. By the late '60s, Wammack had moved into session work at the FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL, playing on countless hits. He continues recording and touring to the present day (recently working as musical director for Little Richard), his hot and speedy guitar chops

Travis Wammack is mostly known for his work in the 60's, instrumentals with fiery guitarworks and r&b infused rock. But he's made two great southern rock albums during the 70's. Both very much r&b influenced and both very much worth getting your hands on. The first (Travis Wammack on Fame 1972) is the most rare. It's a very fine record. But the second album (Not For Sale on Capricorn 1975), though still fairly easy to find as a used album, is the better of the two. Easily one of my all time favorite southern rock albums of the 70's. -Skydog