Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sulentic Brothers - The Prisoner ( Awsome Southern Rock from a bunch of Indiana Boys)

These Guys are personal Friends of mine and I want to let you all know that this is one of the Best bands ever. They smoke and there original music is awsome!!!!! This is a Skynfan personal favorite. If you've liked what I have posted so far then Give this one a try. And Tell me what you think -Skynfan

Track Listing

1. In America (listen)
2. Never Be the Same (listen)
3. Black Onion (listen)
4. The Madness (listen)
5. The Prisoner (listen)
6. Guts N Glory (listen)
7. I’ve Been Told (listen)
8. Just A Child (listen)
9. On the Run (listen)
10. More More More (listen)

Go and purchase other Sulentic Brothers CD's @

Friday, September 28, 2007

American Blues - Is Here (pre ZZ Top)

American Blues cover


  1. If I Were A Carpenter
  2. All I Saw Was You
  3. She'll Be Mine
  4. Fugue For Lady Cheriff
  5. It's Gone
  6. Keep My Heart In A Rage
  7. Mercury Blues
  8. Melted Like Snow
  9. Mellow

american blues is here - album credits

American Blues Is Here American Blues American Blues Is Here Main Performer
American Blues Is Here Doug Davis American Blues Is Here Keyboards
American Blues Is Here Rocky Hill American Blues Is Here Guitar, Vocals
American Blues Is Here American Blues Exchange American Blues Is Here Performer
American Blues Is Here Frank Beard American Blues Is Here Drums
American Blues Is Here Dusty Hill American Blues Is Here Bass

The American Blues - Do Their Thing (pre ZZ Top)

American Blues,Do Their Thing,Canada,Deleted,LP RECORD,322035

1. You Were So Close To Me
2. Wonder Man
3. Just Plain Jane
4. Shady
5. Comin' Back Home
6. Captain Fire
7. Chocolate Ego
8. Nightmare Of A Wise Man
9. Dreams
10. Softly To The Sun

AMERICAN BLUES Do Their Thing (Rare LP on the very collectable Uni label which features a certain Dusty Hill & Frank Beard, who later went on to greater success with ZZ Top just a wonderful copy of a classic Texan psyche rarity & also part of ZZ Top history!).

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Henry Paul band Agora Ballroom

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1. Intro
2. Turn it up
3. I Can See It
4. Freeborn Man
5. Stage Announcement
6. Night city
7. Feel The Heat
8. Stage Announcement
9. So Long
10. Long Shot
11. Go Down Rockin
12. Whiskey Talkin
13. Grey Ghost
14. Knoxville Girl
15. Shot To Hell

Artimus Pyle live from Planet Earth

Blues Shuffle, Standard "G" Shuffle

Artimus Pyle (3:27)
Gimme Three Steps
Allen Collins Artimus Pyle (5:31)
Call Me the Breeze
J.J. Cale Artimus Pyle (5:36)
Why I Sing the Blues
B.B. King Artimus Pyle (4:05)
Cold Shot
Stevie Ray Vaughan Artimus Pyle (7:13)
One Way Out
Willie Dixon Artimus Pyle (5:26)
Simple Man
Gary Rossington Artimus Pyle (7:07)
Sit Down and Play the Blues
Greg Baril Artimus Pyle (4:43)
Blow Wind
Muddy Waters Artimus Pyle (5:26)
What's Your Name
Gary Rossington Artimus Pyle (3:41)
I Know a Little
Steve Gaines Artimus Pyle (3:49)
Carlos Santana Artimus Pyle (7:16)
Drink Muddy Water
Traditional Artimus Pyle (5:01)

Artimus Pyle (Drums), Artimus Pyle (Producer), Artimus Pyle (Photography), Mike Estes (Guitar), Mike Estes (Vocals), Tim Lindsey (Bass), Tim Lindsey (Vocals), Greg Baril (Guitar), Greg Baril (Vocals)

Just got internet back on. all moved in and time to get ya some more killer Southern Rock.
- Skynfan

Friday, September 21, 2007

Marshall Tucker Band - "The Lost Demos" (1968-1971)

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01. Can’t you see (demo)
02. See you later I’m gone (demo)
03. Southern Woman (demo)
Studios-Greenville, SC 1971

04. Cookin' (demo)
05. Ramblin' (demo)
06. Take the highway (demo)
07. Hillbilly Band (demo)
Muscle Shoals Sound Studio-Sheffield, AL 1971

08. It’s a rainy night in Georgia
09. In a moment (I can tell if you love me)
10. Evil Ways (Santana)
Southeastern Music Corporation 1968

The first seven tracks are early demos recorded by the band prior to
being signed by Capricorn Records. The final three tracks are by
Southeastern Music Corporation, a band headed by future MTB member
Jerry Eubanks.

Toy Caldwell - Can't You See

1 - I Here The South Calling Me
2 - Searchin' For A Rainbow
3 - Heard It In A Love Song
4 - Long Hard Ride
5 - Mexico
6 - 24 Hours At A Time
7 - Milk Cow Blues
8 - Fly Eagle Fly
9 - Can't You See
10 - Night Life
11 - Ab's Song

Bonus studio tracks
12 - High Noon
13 - Trouble In Dixie

recorded live on May 8 & 9, 1992 at Shooters in Spartanburg, SC

Toy Caldwell - lead vocals & lead guitar
Tony Heatherly - bass & lead vocals
J. Pickins - rhythm guitar & slide
Mark Burrel - drums
Kenny Smith - keyboads

Musicians on studio tracks :
Toy Caldwell - lead vocals & lead guitar
Charlie Daniels - fiddle
Robert Johnson - guitar
Tommy Cathey - bass
Greg Morrow - drums & percussion
Pete Pedersen - harmonica
Paul Hornsby - keyboards

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Southern Rock Rebellion ( ex Blackfoot, Danny Joe Brown, Outlaws members)

The Southern Rock Rebellion Live at the Planet Hollywood Nashville TN. Early 2001 or 2000.
This Show Rocked!!!! All the whooping and Hollerin you hear are me and the rest of the Skynyrd Soldiers. The Band consisted of Charlie Hargrett of Blackfoot. Steve Wheeler guitarist for Danny Joe Brown band. Buzzy Meekins Bass for Danny Joe Brown as well as a stint in the Outlaws and the ABB family. I don't remember the singers name and the Drummer now plays Drums for Molly Hatchet.

I was a soaked mess when this show was done. They grabbed you up and kicked your ass with some of the best music in the world. - Skynfan

1. Good Morning
2. Gimmie Back my bullets
3. Whipping Post
4. Flirtin with Disaster
5. Railroad Man
6. Dreams
7. Train Train
8. Highway Song

Those Guys - S/T (Artimus Pyle)

1. Goose Creek
2. Carry On
3. Missin You
4. Magic
5. Love Don't Mean a Thing
6. Sally
7. It's a Great Life (If'n you don't weakin)
8. My Bird
9. Then and Now
10. Powdered Nose Rosie
11.Out of Control
This is a very good cd. I forgot all about it until I was going through DSOTG's cd's. I used to play this cd all the time while panning dirt on the farm. I'd play this cd all day long. Very good song writing. - Skynfan

Check out there site:

Additional Players on the CD: Artimus Pyle, Drums Shelton Irwin, Guitars David Biegert, Hammond Organ, Jim Essery, Harp and Background Vocals. Brady Green, Bass and Background Vocals, Rob Peck, Harp and Lap Steel Rob Piazza, Congos and Bongos Banner Thomas, Bass

Produced and Recorded by: Jim Devito and Those Guys, Last Resort Records, ©1998 Lost Resort Publishing

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jimmy Hall - Touch You (Wet Willie)

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Jimmy Hall, former lead vocalist and harmonica player for Wet Willie, has a long and varied background as a performer, working with Capricorn Records from its early days in the 1970s. Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Hall cofounded Wet Willie in 1970; over the next ten years, Hall and the group toured with Aerosmith, the Allman Brothers Band, Grand Funk Railroad and the Grateful Dead. Hall was later nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocalist for Jeff Beck's 1985 Flash album. After Wet Willie's breakup, Hall moved to Nashville to work on a solo project for Epic Records, and he's been based there ever since, finding a healthy blues scene in a city known for country music. On his 1996 effort Rendezvous With The Blues, Hall is backed by people like Clayton Ivey on piano, former Capricorn session drummer Bill Stewart, and Dr. Dan Matrazzo on Hammond B-3 organ; the record also features Johnny Sandlin, the same producer who sat behind the console on Wet Willie's 1973 live album Drippin' Wet. In recent years, Hall joined Hank Williams Jr's touring band playing sax and harmonica. ~ Richard Skelly, All Music Guide

touch you - album credits

Touch You Farrell Morris Touch You Percussion
Touch You Norbert Putnam Touch You Strings, Producer
Touch You Greg "Fingers" Taylor Touch You Harmonica
Touch You George Tidwell Touch You Horn
Touch You Bonnie Bramlett Touch You Vocals
Touch You Jimmy Hall Touch You Harmonica, Vocals, Percussion, Main Performer, Saxophone
Touch You Jon Goin Touch You Guitar
Touch You Larry Berwald Touch You Guitar
Touch You Steve Brantley Touch You Vocals
Touch You Gunnar Gelotte Touch You Percussion, Drums
Touch You Shane Keister Touch You Keyboards
Touch You Mike Duke Touch You Piano
Touch You Gene Eichelberger Touch You Engineer
Touch You Mike Eubank Touch You Piano
Touch You Anita Hall Touch You Vocals
Touch You Donna Hall Touch You Vocals
Touch You Jack Hall Touch You Bass, Vocals
Touch You Sheldon Kurland Touch You Strings
Touch You Dave Loggins Touch You Vocals