Friday, December 2, 2011

The Gypsy Bangles - Women & Whiskey

Women & Whiskey Cover Art


I got an e-mail from this band the other day asking if I would check them out and give them a review. They told me they play in the style of bands like Free... So I figured What the hell Skynfan loves him some Free.. So I go over to there site and figure.. hell this will probably be some youtube wanna be garage band.. Um... No... In fact what I found when I clicked up the First track Women and Whiskey was some very great old school Rock n Roll.. Complete with Killer Bass.. Solid Drums.. Great Guitar Riffs .. And a singer that can actually SING!!! Listening to the rest of the Songs on there website I can Honestly say that I am now a fan of this wonderful Band from Australia!!! These are the kinds of songs I want to rock in my car while rolling down the Highway!!! They fit right in there with the rest of the killer music that sits on my Ipod!! 
Think Skynyrd/Great White/Free.. In other words... Rock n Roll!!!


Women & Whiskey is the debut EP from The Gypsy Bangles, an Australian blues rock band whose music pays tribute to the likes of Free and Deep Purple. The Gypsy Bangles feature Kegan DeBoheme on guitar and lead vocals, Alcides Stowe on drums, Peter Thwaite on bass, and Gabrielle De Giorgio provides the keys. It may be 2011, but The Gypsy Bangles style is straight out of the 1970′s from their sound to the production.
Women & Whiskey starts with “Love and Light,” and the first riff immediately takes you back in time. The classic rock sound is 100% intentional, and while The Gypsy Bangles aren’t breaking any ground here, the songs are all original and high quality. The title track features an excellent hook, as well as some fine guitar playing from Kegan DeBoheme. DeBoheme has a great voice for rock and his vocal phrasing is reminiscent of the some of the prominent singers of the 60′s and 70′s.
The Gypsy Bangles aren’t doing anything new with Women & Whiskey, but they aren’t trying to. It’s refreshing to see a new rock band with such an organic sound. Women & Whiskey is definitely worth giving a listen for any classic rock fan, and will be a band to keep an eye on as they ready their debut album.
The Review: 7.5/10
The Big Hit
- Women & Whiskey