Thursday, October 1, 2009

Catfish and Crystal (ABB, Marshall Tucker influanced )

Catfish and Crystal
(very good bass and drums)

Catfish & Crystal
1973 xx-xx
Gabe & Walkers
Iowa City, Iowa
Genre: Southern Jam Rock
Audience Tape
Quality B

Lineage: SonyTC126 > Maxell Cassette > Spin It Again (Digitalization) > Goldwave (Volume Boost) Media Monkey (Flac Conversion)

Catfish & Crystal were a local band in Iowa and Illinois in the early 1970's, and a fixture in
Iowa City, Iowa playing long gone venues like Gabe & Walkers, Maxwells, The C.O.D., The Lamplighter
and The Mill. Comprised like a typical jam rock band of that era, it featured two drumers,
two guitarists, a keyboard player, a bass, and sometimes a guest slide guitarist. I forget
most of their names, except Mike Watts (R.I.P) on Drums. You'll hear a guest guitarist on a couple
of the last tracks, Craig DeWitt, who still plays in Cedar Rapids. He was a monster with a slide, Echoplex,
and a volume pedal.

The high point of evening was usually when the group played what I think was an original tune,
"Old Hawk" which often went on for 30 minutes or more.

If any guys from Iowa and Illinois could contact me, I'd love to get the names of the

Set List:

1. Its Allright
2. Walking the Dog
3. Unknown
4. Goin' Down the Road
5. One Hell of a Woman
6. On a Monday
7. Old Hawk
8. Hideaway
9. How Sweet It Is
10. Time Changes Everything
11. Steppin' Stone
12. Roll With It
13.Me & My Uncle
14. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
15. Allright
16. 40 Days
17. Its Allright Ma
18. Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
19. Reelin' and Rockin'
20. Not Fade Away

Craig DeWitt on Tracks 17-20 on Guitar.

Upped by Scooter123
Still Up for Trades, See List & Contact Me Through

Disk 1 :

Disk 2 :


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Mary Nelson said...

The musicians were Doug Morton, lead guitar, Ricky Morton, bass, Eric was on keyboards but don't know his last name. They were from Downers Grove Illinois but moved to Atlanta in 1973.

Dorothy Morton said...

Hey thanks a lot for writing this up! I'm Rick Morton's daughter. I was a little curious and thought to do a google search on my dad's old band. Glad I found this! If you want me to get any information from either Rick or Doug, definitely feel free to contact me. I know my dad will get a kick out of this.

Milla said...

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Mary Nelson said...


I heard from Doug a month ago. I haven't seen then since they left the Chicago area. Tell your dad that Mary said hello.

Generic Viagra said...

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Anonymous said...

Eric's Last name is Enfield.
Second Guitar was Steve Gulbranson.
Old Hawk was an original written by Thom O'Donnell a fellow musician and friend of the band.

Mary Nelson said...

Mike Watts was one of the two drummers. When he died, there was a memorial tribute to the band at Gabe & Walkers in Iowa City. I loaned them my tape of the band to play at the event. Other local bands played in tribute too...

eric said...

Thanks for posting this. How did Watt'sie die. I have always wondered. There are not too many recordings of this band. It was a little hard to click on the correct link, stop the malware, and then download and decompress the file.
Check this out

Mary Nelson said...


I sent you an email - do you remember me from the old days in the 1970's in Ames, Iowa City and Downers Grove? Thanks for your comment.

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Jenn said...

Guitar: Steve Gulbrandsen, my dad. I'm so excited to find this blog. He passed away 5 years ago.

Tom Engel said...

Steve Gulbrandsen also went by the name of Cody Jarrett. I played lead guitar for him from 1985 to 1987 in Orange County, CA. He passed away in the late 1990's.

Anonymous said...

Another drummer in Catfish and Crystal was Danny Moulton of Lee, IL. Danny passed away in June, 2013.

Anonymous said...

Steve Gulbrandsen died in June of 2008.

Robin Youse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robin Youse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robin Youse said...

Several members of this band were beloved friends of mine, three of whom I know are dead. Because of this blog, and a very kind and generous man, I was able to obtain 3 hours of recordings of Catfish & Crystal playing at Iowa City bars in 1973 and 1974. It is overwhelming to hear them again after 40 years and it makes me weep.

I wish the person who owns this blog would give it a little attention.

Anonymous said...

Don't even bother. ALL dead links.

Robin Youse said...

Looking this over almost three years later, it is kind of a mess!

The musicians were:
Doug Morton, lead guitar
Steve Gulbrandsen,rhythm guitar
Rick Morton, bass
Danny Moulton, drums
Mike Watts, drums
Eric Enfield, keyboards

They were from Western Chicago suburbs or rural areas.