Saturday, June 30, 2007

Atlanta Rhythm Section-Atlanta Rhythm Section

1. Love Me Just A Little (Sometime) (Nix/Daughtry/Buie)-6:05
2. Baby No Lie (Nix/Daughtry/Buie/Bailey)-3:51
3. All In Your Mind (Buie/Cobb)-3:16
4. Earnestine (Nix/Daughtry/Bailey/Goddard)-2:33
5. Forty Days And Forty Nights (Bramblett/Causey/Jones)-4:21
6. Another Man's Woman (It's So Hard) (Nix/Daughtry/Buie)-4:46
7. Days Of Our Lives (Buie/Bailey/Cobb)-3:12
8. Yours And Mine (Nix/Buie)-2:39
9. Can't Stand It No More (Buie/Cobb/Justo)-4:02
10. One More Problem (Nix/Daughtry/Buie/Bailey)-3:08


chris said...

thanks so much for sharing this one and "back up against the wall"...two of my very favorite ARS records, so much different from their later material, equally good but in a different way. will definitely have to check out the beaverteeth record as rodney justo's vocals on this first lp are stellar imho...i have nearly worn out a copy i found about 6 months ago!

Anonymous said...

i been looking for -baby no lie and days of our lives-so long tnx man until tomorrow.

just write in google (emadmadi) and you find my youtube channel,may you find something there,coz ithink we drink same music!