Thursday, June 28, 2007

Alex Taylor With Friends and Neighbors

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I just started my blog because I wanted folks to be able to share in the type of music I get into.
Mainly for friends of mine to have easy access to the albums I find in other blogs and some of my own also.

So I'll start out with one a friend over at found for me. Thanks Ricsi

Alex Taylor w/Friends and Neighbors (1971)

Released July,1971
Recorded 1971
Genre Southern Rock
Length 34:00
Label Capricorn
Producer(s) Johnny Sandlin

Alex Taylor With Friends and Neighbors is the debut album by Alex Taylor, brother of James, Livingston and Kate Taylor. The album was recorded in Macon, Georgia at Capricorn Studios. The standout tracks are brother James' "Highway Song", "It's All Over Now", and Gregg Allman's "Southbound".

Track listing

1. "Highway Song" (James Taylor) - 3:17
2. "Southern Kids" (Scott Boyer) - 2:31
3. "All in Line" (Tommy Talton) - 2:50
4. "Night Owl" (James Taylor) - 3:20
5. "C Song" (Scott Boyer) - 2:10
6. "It's All Over Now" (Bobby Womack/Shirley Womack) - 3:41
7. "Baby Ruth" (Johnny Ryker) - 3:23
8. "Take Out Some Insurance" (Charles Singleton) - 4:18
9. "Southbound" (Gregg Allman) - 8:30


* Alex Taylor - vocals
* James Taylor - guitar
* Scott Boyer - guitar, background vocals
* Tommy Talton - guitar
* Paul Hornsby - keyboards
* Johnny Sandlin - bass
* Peter Kowalke - guitar
* Joe Rudd - guitar
* Bill Stewart - drums
* King Curtis - saxophone
* Willie Bridges - saxophone
* Ronnie Cuber - saxophone
* Frank Wess - saxophone
* Daniel Moore - trumpet
* William S. Fischer - conductor, string arrangements


* Producer: Johnny Sandlin
* Recording Engineer: Lewis Hahn/Jim Hawkins
* Art Direction: Jimmy Roberts
* Photography: Mickey Dobo
* Executive Supervisor: Frank Fenter

This is a collectors Album for those into the Allman Brothers. A boatload of Brothers were on this Album. The entire band Cowboy are present. A MUST HAVE FOR ALLMAN BROTHERS FANS!!!!!!!!


whiteray said...

Alex Taylor? Cowboy? and King Curtis? Ooooooh! Thanks so much, and thank for stopping by Echoes earlier. Trade links?

Skynfan said...

Got you in my links right now. thanks for stopping by.

bil said...

Thanks for this, look forward to listening to it.

72custom said...

This looks very interesting. Do you have the album cover ... ??? Picture is missing in your blog.

7 said...

I had the orginal Capricorn vinyl and have been looking for a version on CD with no luck. From another long time fan of "southern rock", thanks for this link. It's a great album that deserves to be released on CD.

Anonymous said...

I've got this a vinyl too !
Greetings from Germany,

Anonymous said...

tnx for skynfan s

and my link is gift to him....emad madi libyan

Anonymous said...

Hi Skynfan,
Really interesting blog. I'm really interested in this Alex Taylor's album. Is it possible to have a new link to enjoy it? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Any chance for a new link?