Monday, November 5, 2007

Alex Taylor - Voodoo in Me (1989 Very Rare Southern Rock)

Alex Taylor - Voodoo in Me

01. Voodoo In You 3:18
02. He Will Break Your Heart 4:18
03. Tequila Quicksand 3:11
04. Catch Me When I Fall 4:00
05. Smokin' At The Gas Pump 3:00
06. Vanessa 3:04
07. Graveyard Dogs 3:22
08. You Got A Way With Me 3:21
09. Time On The Inside 4:23
10. North Carolina 4:19

Alex Taylor - Vocals
James Taylor - Vocals
Jim Shepley - Guitar
Ernie Lancaster - Guitar
Dru Lombar - Guitar
Bryan Bassett - Guitar
Tommy Talton - Guitar
Donald Kinsey - Guitar & Back Vocals
Lucky Peterson - Keyboards & Back Vocals
Gregg Allman - Keyboards
Bob Greenlee - Bass
Jim Payne - Drums
Denny Best - Drums
Noble 'Thin Man' Watts - Tenor Sax
Lawson 'Buzz' Montsinger - Tenor Sax
Bill Samuel - Tenor & Baritone Sax
Sylvestor Polk - Trumpet
'Jumpin' Johnny Sansone - Harmonica
Vyki Z. Walls - Back Vocals
Yvonne Jackson - Back Vocals
Ron Prince - Back Vocals
Ralph Kinsey - Back Vocals
Kenneth Kinsey - Back Vocals

® 1989 King Snake Records


50mb in 192kbps
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This is one that good friend Ricsi found for me.


GuitarFreak said...

Thanks again for another fine post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to waytoyoursoul blogspot. It's Awesome. Take Care, John

Skynfan said...

Yes for sure waytoyoursoul is a very good music blog. Ricsi is a 14 year old from Slovakia and without his help I probably wouldn't even have this blog. He started out helping me find Duane Allman recordings over at and then thru that he descovered the band Cowboy. From that point on we have been trying to help each other with the rare stuff.

And it wasn't untill I seen Echosinthewind blogspot that I decided to give Blogging a try.

So thanks go out to Ricsi and WhiteRay without them I'd prob. never would of started this site.

Clarence said...

Great album, thanks very much for the post!