Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Barry Goldberg & Friends - Two Jews Blues (1969) (Duane Allman)

Barry Goldberg & Friends - Two Jews Blues (1969)

This is a really really good Album. Duane Allman is on at least Twice a Man and maybe a few others. I'm glad Ricsi found this one for me.

Original release:
LP: Buddah Records BDS-5029 (1969)

Other releases:
CD: One Way Records 27672 (1993)

1. You're Still My Baby
2. That's Alright Mama
3. Maxwell Street Shuffle
4. Blues For Barry And ...
5. Jimi The Fox
6. A Lighter Blue
7. On The Road Again
8. Twice A Man
9. Spirit Of Trane



Anonymous said...

Hey, that sounds like it'd be cool they pulled the link. Any chance you can get er back up again?

Thanks. For everythign on the site. I'm loving some of this stuff. Good work.

Anonymous said...

YES the link is still DEAD!

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