Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cowboy - Boyer & Talton (1974)


I found this L'P' during a record hunt in Nashville TN. I bought it because it was in the Southern Rock Bin and when I read the back of it I seen that Toy Caldwell played on Road Gravy Chase. I instantly became a fan. And since then I have tried to collect everything That Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton have appeared on. And let me tell ya that includes a shit load of Capricorn and Muscle Shoals Albums. If you like good song writing and good musicians the this is one for you.

1. A Patch And A Pain Killer
2. Coming Back To You
3. Everyone Has A Chance To Feel
4. Where Can You Go?
4. I Heard Some Man Talking (a) Love 40
5. Road Gravy Chase
6. Something To Please Us
7. Long Ride
9. Message In The Wind (When I'm Listening)
10. Houston (a) Houston Vamp



Anonymous said...

Anyone have the CD : A Different Time: The Best Of Cowboy? Very hard to find.

JC said...

I have 2 old Cowboy LP's "Cowboy Boyer & Talton" with Toy Caldwell and Chuck Leavell from 1974 and "Cowboy" from 1977 with Chip Condon(Keyboards) Chip Miller(Drums) Arch Pearson(Bass).
Would love to find more of their music. I recently purchased a CD of the Capricorn Rythem Section which brought back memories

Anonymous said...

the true cowboy goldmine is "reach for the sky". it was once available on capricorn as a re-issue and since has been discontinued. the cd (not even the vinyl) fetched upwards of $50!!! you can track it down on google blog search, but unfortunately it's a vinyl rip, and i don't think the tracks are separated. if anyone can find a link, they should definitely post it here.

same with scott boyer solo albums.

Mitch said...

I was, and am, a huge fan of Cowboy. I had a group of friends in college (Louisiana Tech University) that were big fans as well. We had an artist in the group that copied the inside art work of their double album and silk screened t-shirts for us. We went to a show where they performed in Shreveport, La. wearing our shirts. I now live in Birmingham and where Scott Boyer lives in a neighboring town. He had a band i used to see called the Decoys. I talked to him after a local gig several years ago and told him about our fan club. Very nice guy. I believe i have all their albums and the Best of CD.

Tom said...

Mitch, anyway of getting a copy of that Best of CD?

Anonymous said...

well - maybe someone can explain why the cowboy l.p.'s have not been released all on cd by now -

this should have been done maybe with some filler of unreleased studio out-takes - and maybe some live performances if any were recorded (other than on gregg allman tour).

looks like wet willie too have met the same fate - as earlier cd releases of their capricorn albums - were either deleted or stopped; and most of those that exist and are for sale fetch a very high price.

JC said...

I have recently purchased "Reach for the Sky" and 5'll Getch 10" on vinyl, the ladder was pricey $33 plus shipping but got lucky with Reach for the sky got it for only $15 plus shipping. This was with a lot of patience and searching on Ebay and thru Internet search.
I am very happy with both that completes my collection of Cowboy on vinyl. Would love to find the 1993 CD " A Different Time" I hear iyt is much harder to find than the vinyl.

JC said...

I recently purchased "Reach for the Sky" and "5'll Getcha 10" on vinyl thru Ebay. It took some searches and paitence but I got good deals, "Reach for the sky" was only $15 and 5'll Getcha 10" was $33 plus shipping for both. That rounds out my Cowboy vinyl collection.

Ed. said...

Thanks so much for posting the Boyer & Talton music. It sounds great and brings back many memories.
I've had A Different Time: The Best of Cowboy on my wish list on half.com for probably two years, but it was always over $100. FINALLY got it today for under $25. and it's supposedly in "like new" condition. SO... here's hoping it doesn't get lost in the mail!

Ed. said...

Well, I did indeed receive "A Different Time: The Best of Cowboy" and it truly is a fine example of four Cowboy albums; four songs from each. Anyone care to trade a copy of Reach for the Sky for a copy of this?
Or? Let me know.

FlashG said...

Nice to hear people talking about this great band again. I think these albums are fantastic. I have had the first two since they came out . I know I had the Boyer Talton record, but I must have gotten rid of it (I really don't know why). When I came across this site, I got out my copy of Reach For The Sky and found it was signed by Talton - I had completely forgotten I had seen them live. There is also the double LP reissue of the first two, Why Quit When You're Ahead. Tanx for the posts. This music will never grow old. And anyone whose has not heard the two Potliquor albums posted on this site, do yourself a favor and give them a listen. Another example of an incredible, underrated band brought back from obscurity on here. Excellent job.

Redram said...
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JC said...

The original album "5'LL Getcha Ten does not even credit Duane for playing Slide Dobro on "Please be with Me". On the double album "Why Quit When Your Losing", which was 5'LL Getcha Ten and "Reach for the Sky both combined does give Duane credit for playing Slide Dobro on "Pleas be with me". I do not see mention of Duane on any other songs.
It was Duane that got Cowboy a recording contract introducing them to Phil Walden to begin with.

JC said...

The original album 5'LL Getcha Ten did not give credit to Duane for playing Dobro on "Please be with Me". But on the double album "Why quit when your losing" , which was 5,LL Getcha Ten and "Reach for the Sky combined.The credits say Duane played slide Dobro on "Please be with me".
I do not know if he played on any of the other songs or not, but it is possible. That was one of the great things about Duane Allman, he never tried to stand out on any of the Artist he was guest Guitar player for and their were many especially in the late 60's.
Duane was the reason Cowboy got a recording contract when he called Phil Walden and told them to listen to Cowboy's music, he signed them almost imediatly.

Anonymous said...

I have all of their albums. Correct, that 5'll Get ya 10 is a great compilation. My band "Fish Out of Water" plays: Please BE With Me", Pat's Song and "All My Friends".
For a great rendition of "All My Friends", go to YouTube and search it w/ 'susan tedeschi and Derek Trucks' live.

Landslide55 said...

Hi--I am trying to get the long out of print Cowboy albums reissued on CD. Really could use the help and support from fans like you. Realgonemusic.com specializes in all types of music reissue projects and asks for suggestions.Please go to the website and tell them you would like to see reissues of "5'll Get You Ten", "Reach for the Sky", "Cowboy Boyer and Talton". Let's get this done so we all can enjoy the music.