Tuesday, July 31, 2007

1978 SuperJam (Lynyrd Skynyrd)


This is the clearest version of this that I have found so far although it is sped up a bit.

This is a must have!!!

Doraville, GA

August 1978
Gary Rossington, Allen Collins, Billy Powell, Artimus Pyle
(Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Dickey Betts
(Allman Brothers Band)
Charlie Daniels, Taz DiGregorio
(Charlie Daniels Band)
Mike Duke, Jimmy Hall
(Wet Willie)
Bonnie Bramlett
Lenny LeBlanc
Robert Nix
(Atlanta Rhythm Section)
The Outlaws
All introductions are made by Gary Rossington

1. Jitterbug

2. Cocaine (this is FUCKING KILLER!!!!!!!!)

3. Reflections

4. Southbound

5. Don't Wanna Go Down There

6. That's The Way I Want It To Be

7. Another Pretty Country Song

I think Clapton's the greatest rock and roll and blues guitar player that ever lived. Anyone who says he ain't is full of shit, unless they're not very good, you know? Then you've got people like Hendrix, who was a total original, who copied nobody. There'll never be another one like him in our lifetime, he was just a freak. ……I love people like Keith Richards or Neil Young' they're terrible guitar players, but man, their style and what they come up with is so cool and neat and good. I’m kind of like that - I can think of some neat licks and I’ve been around forever. Well' not forever, but, you know (laughs)."… Gary Rossington



Anonymous said...

This is a killer website hats off!! Finally nice to see some southern rock! I would love to see the Some mire ARS and maybe some Live ARS please. Some Outlaws would really jolt!

Arv_Pd said...

Hey!!! this is simply awesome!, would love to hear the second part.

Anonymous said...

Any chance for Part 2?!?!

Skynfan said...

I know it says part 1 but as far as I know there is no part 2.

Mickey P. said...

This is awesome, does anybody have any source info on this recording.

I was of the understanding that the first post-crash performance was at the '79 Volunteer Jam?

Keep up the good work. ;-)

tomfoley603 said...

i just came across your Blog for the first time . . I would love to get a copy of "1978 Superjam (lynyrd Skynyrd)".
I just came across "Area Code 615" which I ain't heard for 30+ years . . . Real Nice
Tom F