Monday, October 29, 2007

Alias - Live - Atlanta GA. 11-24- 1979

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1. Intro
2. Cafe Deluxe
3. Dagger in The Night
4. Holiday
5. Devils Bride
6. Can't Dry Up
7. Dead Giveaway
8. True Love
9. Child Of Fortune
10. Street Fighter
11. Who Do You Love
12. True Love
13. Outro

Chuck Colby - Drums
Skip Batelon (sp.?) - Guitar
Chuck Cassidy - Keyboards
? Ricky Powell ? - Bass

Here is a real gem. Alias Live!!!!!! I just got my hands on this and let me tell ya it kicks ass!!! Thank God for the internet. I'm not sure who all is in the band. I know that the three key members are. I don't belive that anyone from Skynyrd is with them as they talk about the formation of the Rossington Collins Band. Intro is by Robert Nix from Atlanta Rhythm Section.
This one is RARE!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure almost everyone is present for this show. The slide guitar parts from Streetfighter sound a whole lot like Barry Lee (especially if you listen to songs like Winners and Losers). Although, I think Jimmy and Jo Jo say that the drummer is John Colby during the drum break following Street Fighter - this probably happened right after Arti's car accident. The pianos all sound like Billy. So, I'm pretty sure that the rest of the band is there.

Skynfan said...

I would like to think so to but during the first song Jimmy tells Skip Batelon (sp?)to take the lead. He has a bad ass guitar sound which is the sound I think your hearing as Barry But to be sure I think I'm gonna try to e-mail Barry and see if he can remember. I also think that the piano player is not Billy. He plays in the style of Billy but he's not quite Billy's caliber. And on track number 8 Jo JO says that "Skynyrd" was home in Jax. and she thanks them for the help they have gave. She also announces the formation of The Rossington Collins Band. I also hear them mention Dorman Cogburn. It could be Ricky Powell on bass but i'm not sure.

Remember The members of Skynyrd were only Guest Musicians on the Alias album.

But none the less this really kicks ass. its got good sound and they are pretty tight.

And I'm just listening to Child of Fortune again and they announce that its Chuck Cassidy on keyboards.


Luc said...

I'm just interviewing JoJo (she has a very good CD, the first one!) and will ask her if she remember the line-up if Alias.

Anonymous said...

This show kicks ass! Great sound quality. I also really wonder who exactly the other players are cuz the playing is superb, as good as on the LP or even better (more raw).
The names that I hear are:
Chuck Colby -drums (trk 10 at 3.08)
Chuck Castley -keyboard (trk 9 at 8.28)
Skip Mason -lead gtr (trk 2 at 3.00)
Hey Luc, great you're doing an intv with Jojo, can you maybe also ask:
-did these guys play in any other bands?
-how many shows did Alias play in total?
-why exactly didn't they continue recording with this live line-up?

By the way, this blog rules!
Marc Amsterdam

Luc said...


bil said...

I was just coming back to thank you for the Alias Contraband album, when I see this. Many thanks. Keep it up.

Bubba said...

Wow, very cool. I love the bootlegs. Keep'em coming!

Orcprobe said...

THANK YOU!!!! Great set by a band many people do not know. A rare find indeed!

Skynfan said...

Yes this was truly a very underrated band. Jo JO and Jimmy Doughtry work so well together. One of my Fav new finds for sure.

Luc said...

Hello. I got an answer from JoJo:

"Hello; it was Chuck Covey on drums and honestly I do not remember the others names. Sorry. The only reason I remember Chuck is that we played in a couple of bands together in Memphis named "Oil Can Harry" and "Gizmo". I have tried to erase my memories of Alias because I was ripped off so very bad by everyone involved. It was not a happy time in my life… I apologize I can't be any further help concerning this. "

Anonymous said...

so it stays a mystery? can we read the whole interview with JoJo somewhere?

Luc said...

Unfortunatly, for the moment,
JoJo don't have answered to the interview questions.

Mickey P. said...

Hey Skynfan,

Just found your blog and Wow... so many memories. I think I'll be doing a lot of reading here.

I used to have the Alias 'Contraband' album, bought on the strength of the Skynyrd link, and remember it (now) being good stuff. I had long since forgetten about it and have never heard the live recording so I look forward to hearing this.

Thanks a heap,

Mick ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your answer is matchless... :)

Anonymous said...

I will not acquiesce in on it. I assume polite post. Specially the designation attracted me to review the intact story.

Luc said...

JoJo's interview at

(Sad news: JoJo is now suffering from Cancer)

Anonymous said...

Genial fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

Michael said...

I recorded keyboards at Apogee in Atlanta for this album. At the invitation of Robert Nix, I played on a couple of tracks, one being "Rugged Water" written by Jimmy Daugherty and played in Jax for years by a band called Jules Verne. I don't know where that track is but I'd like to know what happened.

At the time I was in a band from Atlanta called Snow, who Robert was involved in.


Dorman said...

Hey guys, this is Dorman Cogburn here. Does any body have a copy of this film " Alias Live at the Agora 79'...sure would like to see it. Come by my site and pay me a visit, I'm starting to upload some of the old albums and some of my new stuff. Here's a list of performers on "Alias Live" - Jimmy Dougherty-Singer, Dorman Cogburn- Guitars, Jojo Billingsley-Singer, Skip Veahman-Lead Guitar, Chuck Hasley-Keyboards, Steve Pratt-Bass and Chuck Colby-Drums. You can find me at


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Gig Dougherty said...

Hey anyone that has a copy of Rugged Water I would love to have one please I can't find mine gigisflying@yahoo.Com or Facebook Thank you Gigi

Gig Dougherty said...

Hey anyone that has a copy of Rugged Water I would love to have one please I can't find mine gigisflying@yahoo.Com or Facebook Thank you Gigi