Sunday, October 21, 2007

Travis Wammack - Not For Sale (Capricorn)

1. Cookin' on the Front Burner
2. A Lover's Question
3. Shotgun Woman
4. I Forgot to Remember
5. Looking for a Fox
6. You've Got Your Troubles
7. Love Being Your Fool
8. Easy Evil
9. Love Rustler
10. Greenwood Mississippi

I was sent this one from fellow blog reader skydog. I'm very glad he did this is a very good record. Thanks go out to him I needed this gem.

From Wikipedia:
Travis Wammack (born 1946) is an American rock and roll guitarist from Memphis, Tennessee. A child prodigy, Wammack's first record was issued when he was twelve years old, and at 17 he hit the American charts with "Scratchy", an instrumental which peaked at #80 in 1964. Wammack got work recording at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals in the 1960s, and in 1975 released a solo album which generated two hits in the US, "Easy Evil" (#72) and "Love Being Your Fool" (#38). Wammack never stopped performing, working in the 1990s with Little Richard among others.

From Allmusic:
A guitarist, singer, and young instrumental genius from Memphis who cut his first record at the tender age of twelve, Travis Wammack is one of the great unheralded guitarists of rock & roll. A contemporary of Lonnie Mack, Wammack was simply the fastest guitar player in a town bursting at the seams with great guitarists. By the time he was 17, he appeared on the national charts with "Scratchy," a speed-burner instrumental featuring incredible distortion and dazzling technique. Several incredible singles followed, but none charted. By the late '60s, Wammack had moved into session work at the FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL, playing on countless hits. He continues recording and touring to the present day (recently working as musical director for Little Richard), his hot and speedy guitar chops

Travis Wammack is mostly known for his work in the 60's, instrumentals with fiery guitarworks and r&b infused rock. But he's made two great southern rock albums during the 70's. Both very much r&b influenced and both very much worth getting your hands on. The first (Travis Wammack on Fame 1972) is the most rare. It's a very fine record. But the second album (Not For Sale on Capricorn 1975), though still fairly easy to find as a used album, is the better of the two. Easily one of my all time favorite southern rock albums of the 70's. -Skydog


Skydogg said...

In know Travis has made sme cd'sin the last 10 years. They're all on independent labels, and really hard to get here in Europe. I would love to have some rips of these. Keep On Running!

Mr Pinkwhistle said...

The legendary late British BBC DJ John Peel is now better known for recognising and encouraging 'underground' bands in the 1960s- early 70s and obscure UK punk groups thereafter, but in the dark days of the mid 1970s (as I see them) he alone exposed us Brits to the delights of authentic Southern rock , not only Lynyrd Skynyrd but also the likes of Travis Wammack too . I was inspired to buy this album because he kept playing '... love being your fool'.

Nice to have a digital copy. Anyone who hasn't heard this, it comes thoroughly recommended, and keep listening!

Anonymous said...

The 70's are not exactly my fav. sounds of S.R. , but is really a pleasure listen things as this, specially the "dirty guitar sound" of LOOKING FOR A FOX


Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff. Great site BTW.


BDH said...

Travis is one of my favorite guitar innovators (along with the late Link Wray and Lonnie Mack). If you go to, Travis talks about his career.

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Ernst said...

Was lookin'for this album for a long time. Thnx!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey just wanna say THANX !