Sunday, October 21, 2007

Blackfoot - Shapes of Things + Fillers

I received this labeled Maxi Live 1985. There are some Studio and some live. I just threw this together so you could download Shapes of Things.

From About Shapes of Things: It's taken from a home recording from back in our memorable "bar band" days,
recorded at the Searchlight Lounge in Stanhope, New Jersey in the winter of 1974
(just before we started recording our first album).

1. Dry Country (Studio)
2. To Hard To Handle (Studio)
3. On The Run (Donington 1981)
4. Train Train (Live ?)
5. On The Run (Donington, Same Damn Track as 3.)
6. Shapes Of Things (Live 1974)

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Thanks a lot Skynfan!!
This is really great...
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