Friday, October 5, 2007

Alex Taylor - Dancing With The Devil - 1981

Dancing with the Devil

1 House of Cards (4:20)
2 Can't Break the Habit (3:17)
3 Let the Big Dog Eat (3:32)
4 Birds of a Feather (4:45)
5 Change in Me (3:24)
6 Dancing With the Devil (3:49)
7 No Life at All (3:44)
8 Practice What You Preach (4:01)
9 Black Sheep (4:12)
10 Bait My Hook (3:57)

dancing with the devil - album credits

Jan Pattishall Trombone
Bill "Foots" Samuel Sax (Baritone), Sax (Tenor)
Bruce Staelens Trumpet
Louis Walker Piano
Nina K. Easton Art Direction, Design
Dwight Champagne Vocals (Background)
Rick Bailey Vocals (Background), Mixing
Jimmy Payne Drums
Andrew McIntyre Engineer
Steve Sienkiewicz Piano
Bill Wharton Slide Guitar
Alex Taylor Vocals, Main Performer
Ernie Lancaster Guitar
John Babich Bass
Bryan Bassett Mixing
Dwight Champaign Vocals (Background)
Dennis Everheart Drums
Mike Galloway Harmonica
Bob "Rattlesnake" Greenlee Bass, Producer, Engineer, Executive Producer
Warren King Guitar, Keyboards, Engineer, Photography
Dru Lombar Slide Guitar
Lucky Peterson Organ, Piano

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