Monday, October 15, 2007

Totty - S/T- 1977

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I got this one from Chrisgoesrock.

This is a really really good Album. Awsome Bass player, and crunchy guitars. I hear alot of influences of other bands such as The Outlaws, Zepplin, Skynyrd, Free among a few. Not bad for a bunch of Okie's. ;) This is a Skynfan recommendation for damn sure. - Skynfan

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01 - Thus Saith The Lord - 1.34
02 - T-Town Tears - 2.43
03 - Crack In The Cosmic Egg - 5.09
04 - Love Down By One Share (Love Song To A Whore) - 5.01
05 - I´ve Done Made Up My Mind - 5.43
06 - Wicked Truth - 4.20
07 - Trying To Forget You - 3.50
08 - Take Me Away Jesus - 5.02
09 - Somebody Help Me - 8.24


Bubba said...

Your blog is awesome dude. Keep up the GREAT work!

David Totty / Something Weird said...

hi there! DI am Dennis Totty's son (and Byron's nephew).

I am glad to see you like my their stuff! This was always my favorite album of theirs. Wicked Truth is about a nightmare my dad had "trippin over dead dogs with the mange disease".

PS - i won't tell him that you're giving away his life's work for free to stranger on the internet...

David Totty / Something Weird said...

by the way, don't feel bad, I was only teasing. As long as you aren't making any money off of it, (unlike radioactive records) then I think it is awesome you're sharing this.

i have all of my songs for free download on my blog, and an album sharity of my own, so I am all for what you're doing! thanks for the cool words you said about the album, too.

you know Byron's (the bassist) son plays bass in a popular Tulsa rock band called Here Is There. You should check them out because they are pretty damn talented!

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KiaStyle said...

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