Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mason Proffit Movin Toward Happines - 1971

1.Michael Dodge

2.Hard Luck Woman


4.Hokey Joe Pony

5.Flying Arrow

6.Old Joe Clark

7.Let Me Know Where You're Goin'


9.Good Friend Of Mary's

10.He Loves Them

11.Everybody Was Wrong

Mason Proffit was formed in 1969 after the disbanding of Chicago garage rock group Sounds Unlimited. Brothers John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot decided to form a new group that was more of a folk and country band. "Two Hangmen", off of their first album Wanted... Mason Proffit, became a regional hit but was unable to chart nationally. It did, however, help their second album, Movin' Toward Happiness, chart on the Billboard 200. In 1972, the band signed to Warner Bros. Records and were placed on a national tour opening for the Grateful Dead. Warner Bros. released two of their albums, but both sold poorly, prompting the label to drop the band. Mason Proffit disbanded shortly afterward.

After the break-up, the Talbot brothers began to record Christian worship songs, earning themselves a Grammy Award nomination and several Dove Award nominations. The Talbot brothers opened for The Eagles on a national tour


Anonymous said...

Flying Arrow is one of my all-time-fav songs, thanks for the album!

Fuzzbox said...

Hey ... I'm glad to see that beautiful album here ...

check out my blog for more albums if ya like!

Great blog btw!

Greetings from Germany!

Anonymous said...

1974 The Talbot Brothers [reissued as Reborn] {Warner Bros}
1976 Reborn {Sparrow}

Can someone find and upload the album they did after Mason Proffit?