Thursday, September 27, 2007

Henry Paul band Agora Ballroom

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1. Intro
2. Turn it up
3. I Can See It
4. Freeborn Man
5. Stage Announcement
6. Night city
7. Feel The Heat
8. Stage Announcement
9. So Long
10. Long Shot
11. Go Down Rockin
12. Whiskey Talkin
13. Grey Ghost
14. Knoxville Girl
15. Shot To Hell


Luc said...

What a great singer!
I suppose the show is from 1980.
Have you a precise date?

Luc said...

On the center of the picture, the late Dave Fiester.
He recorded 2 blues albums in 1990 and 1995 with Austin pettit (ex Grinderswitch), Stephen Miller (ex Elvin Bishop and Grinderswitch), Bill Hoffman (ex Henry Paul Band).

Skynfan said...

Do you know the names of the cd's?
Is it recorded under just Dave Fiester? or did they have a band name?

Luc said...

I Gotta Cure For That (1990)
Jammin' Live (1995)
Complete name is Dave Fiester and the Groove Monsters

WVKayaker said...

Thanks for posting this live Henry Paul show!

link to my blog for more HP:

alien tamer said...

i never knew this show existed!!

THANKS TO YOU.... i do now
when henry paul left the outlaws i thought "DAMN"
this sucks!!!
but after i heard GREY GHOST my mind was at ease.

Wish he would have kept southren Rock sound instead of goin country (blackhawk).


Donnie said...

Great pic. I was the sound engineer for Henry Paul Band. I remember that show. I too miss Big Dave. He was a great guy and a good friend.
Peace Donnie Smith

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