Thursday, September 20, 2007

Those Guys - S/T (Artimus Pyle)

1. Goose Creek
2. Carry On
3. Missin You
4. Magic
5. Love Don't Mean a Thing
6. Sally
7. It's a Great Life (If'n you don't weakin)
8. My Bird
9. Then and Now
10. Powdered Nose Rosie
11.Out of Control
This is a very good cd. I forgot all about it until I was going through DSOTG's cd's. I used to play this cd all the time while panning dirt on the farm. I'd play this cd all day long. Very good song writing. - Skynfan

Check out there site:

Additional Players on the CD: Artimus Pyle, Drums Shelton Irwin, Guitars David Biegert, Hammond Organ, Jim Essery, Harp and Background Vocals. Brady Green, Bass and Background Vocals, Rob Peck, Harp and Lap Steel Rob Piazza, Congos and Bongos Banner Thomas, Bass

Produced and Recorded by: Jim Devito and Those Guys, Last Resort Records, ©1998 Lost Resort Publishing


WVKayaker said...

Thanks again for another fine post. Will be listening to this later today...

w said...
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This is half entertaining. But then once more I'm extremely high right now

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