Friday, September 21, 2007

Marshall Tucker Band - "The Lost Demos" (1968-1971)

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01. Can’t you see (demo)
02. See you later I’m gone (demo)
03. Southern Woman (demo)
Studios-Greenville, SC 1971

04. Cookin' (demo)
05. Ramblin' (demo)
06. Take the highway (demo)
07. Hillbilly Band (demo)
Muscle Shoals Sound Studio-Sheffield, AL 1971

08. It’s a rainy night in Georgia
09. In a moment (I can tell if you love me)
10. Evil Ways (Santana)
Southeastern Music Corporation 1968

The first seven tracks are early demos recorded by the band prior to
being signed by Capricorn Records. The final three tracks are by
Southeastern Music Corporation, a band headed by future MTB member
Jerry Eubanks.


bigfootkit said...

Skynfan, finally got the chance to give that Sage album a proper listen this weekend, great stuff it is too.
Thanks so much, i'm pretty captivated by the playing & songwriting, but it's the production that really makes it for me, really warm & intimate sounding.
Got to agree with your assessment of the guitar playing, that's gotta be Skydog surely?
Especially on the opening track, it's so like him.
Many thanks again buddy.
Got anything by the band Mose Jones?
They released 3 albums between 73-79, "Get Right", "Mose Nose" & "Blackbird", would love to get aquainted with their stuff.
Thanks again for all the great music.

Luc said...

Have you "Hinsight" of George Hatcher?
It would be great!

Anonymous said...

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kim simmons said...

Southeastern Music Corp was headed by Marvin Simmons who lives in Clinton SC.

kim simmons said...

and Marvin Simmons son Jimmy Simmons