Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jimmy Hall - Touch You (Wet Willie)

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Jimmy Hall, former lead vocalist and harmonica player for Wet Willie, has a long and varied background as a performer, working with Capricorn Records from its early days in the 1970s. Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Hall cofounded Wet Willie in 1970; over the next ten years, Hall and the group toured with Aerosmith, the Allman Brothers Band, Grand Funk Railroad and the Grateful Dead. Hall was later nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Male Rock Vocalist for Jeff Beck's 1985 Flash album. After Wet Willie's breakup, Hall moved to Nashville to work on a solo project for Epic Records, and he's been based there ever since, finding a healthy blues scene in a city known for country music. On his 1996 effort Rendezvous With The Blues, Hall is backed by people like Clayton Ivey on piano, former Capricorn session drummer Bill Stewart, and Dr. Dan Matrazzo on Hammond B-3 organ; the record also features Johnny Sandlin, the same producer who sat behind the console on Wet Willie's 1973 live album Drippin' Wet. In recent years, Hall joined Hank Williams Jr's touring band playing sax and harmonica. ~ Richard Skelly, All Music Guide

touch you - album credits

Touch You Farrell Morris Touch You Percussion
Touch You Norbert Putnam Touch You Strings, Producer
Touch You Greg "Fingers" Taylor Touch You Harmonica
Touch You George Tidwell Touch You Horn
Touch You Bonnie Bramlett Touch You Vocals
Touch You Jimmy Hall Touch You Harmonica, Vocals, Percussion, Main Performer, Saxophone
Touch You Jon Goin Touch You Guitar
Touch You Larry Berwald Touch You Guitar
Touch You Steve Brantley Touch You Vocals
Touch You Gunnar Gelotte Touch You Percussion, Drums
Touch You Shane Keister Touch You Keyboards
Touch You Mike Duke Touch You Piano
Touch You Gene Eichelberger Touch You Engineer
Touch You Mike Eubank Touch You Piano
Touch You Anita Hall Touch You Vocals
Touch You Donna Hall Touch You Vocals
Touch You Jack Hall Touch You Bass, Vocals
Touch You Sheldon Kurland Touch You Strings
Touch You Dave Loggins Touch You Vocals


CJ said...

I just stumbled upon your site and feel like a kid in a candy store. Thanks for all of the wonderful posts.

Jimmy Hall is one of my favorites. I recall when Touch You and Cadillac Tracks were released, I wasn''t too thrilled about them. But like good wine, these LPs got better with age. I have a better appreciation for them now that I'm much older.

By the way, I have real clean versions of Touch You and Cadillac Tracks that I remastered from LP, but I don't know how to share them.

If you're interested, let me know how to make it happen.

take care

anotherhawk said...

Thanks for sharing this. Have it on
vinyl but haven't transferred it.
Check your email for a couple of links to more Jimmy Hall.

CJ said...

Hey anotherhawk,

I checked my email, but didn't see anything from you.

In the mean time, I wanted to clarify what I meant by clean versions is that I spent about a month using audio restoration software to clean up the Hall lps and they are of CD quality. I'm not sure if the snap, crackle & pop matters to most listeners or not. But I was just trying to share my versions of these two releases. Again, I'm not sure how actually share an audio file or whole Lp for that matter.

Take care

anotherhawk said...

Checking back in to see if you ever
got the mail. Is the email address that is posted on your home page a valid one?
because that is where I sent it. I will check back later to see what has transpired.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you have me mixed-up with someone else. That is not my email address and I don't have a homepage. Thanks anyway though for trying to send me the Jimmy Hall info.

As you can tell, blogging is very foreign to me, so I apologize.


anotherhawk said...

Now I am lost. There is an address
on the opening page by the profile.
Sorry but I thought it was one to get in touch with someone involved
with this blog. Just leave me an address to send the links to. Thanks.

Skynfan said...

I already have copies of all those but thanks anyways guys. I'm glad there are others willing to share.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody give the link to Jimmy Hall's album 'Cadillac Tracks'?

Anonymous said...

Hi Skyfan, can you please re-upload Jimmy Hall - Touch You? All links are dead... thanks a lot Honzalong

Mike said...

Hello Skyfan:

Could you please re-up the Jimmy Hall "Touch You" album? Thanks for considering my request.