Monday, September 10, 2007

R.I.P.- Hughie Thomasson 1952-2007

I just got word on Dime that Hughie Thomasson passed away at his home Sunday night in Florida from an apparent heart attack. Hughie was a damn good man. I feel blessed to have known him the little I did. He was always the nicest guy when we would be with Skynyrd. Many times Hughie sat with us down at the Hotel bar. Once I was half bitching about how Skynyrd needed to start staying in super 8's because I couldn't afford to keep staying in the fancy Hotels. He told us that all we needed to to do was call him and tell them what city's we would be seeing Skynyrd in and he would have us added to there package so we could get them great rooms at super discount prices.

I can't believe he's gone. No one Will ever sound like Hughie on guitar. There's one hell of a show being put on, on the South Side of Heaven Tonight. God Bless You Hughie Rock n Roll is gonna miss you.

From the Official Lynyrd Skynyrd web site.

I've included a single song in this post. For those of you out there that have ever seen a Skynyrd show with Hughie you knew that they were gonna go into Sweet Home by the intro that Hughie would do right before hand that turned into a Hughie solo. The begining of that intro was taken from this unreleased Skynyrd song Sign of the Times. Give it a listen.


bigfootkit said...

Very sad news.
I was lucky enough to see the great man play live during his tenure with Lynyrd Skynyrd. His partnership with Ricky Medlocke & Gary Rossington was absolutely dazzling. A jaw dropping live spectacle, they seemed to bring out the best in each others playing.
A sad loss to the world of music.
Green Grass & High Tides Forever.

Anonymous said...

This is truely a sad week for me I must of seen the Outlaws at least ten times over the years back in the 80's and early 90's, But yet I just missed the reunion tour last year. Skynfan thanks for the post and the great music.

Signed Fellow Southern Rock Fan

I.R Bear!

Anonymous said...

Hey Skyfan!

In honor of Hughie can you post some outlaws, Henry Paul Band.

Thanks for the good stuff you posted!!!

I.R Bear!

Anonymous said...

I was horribly saddened to hear of Hughie's passing. He's left a void in my life that'll never be filled again...

Thanks so much for this blog, Skynfan!

BTW, what concert does this recording come from?

WVKayaker said...

nice tribute to Hughie!

Here is Henry Paul Band Band Live at the Bayou in DC 1979...Enjoy!