Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm 31 today

Hey ya'll just wanted to let ya know why posts have slowed down a little. Today is my Birthday and were moving into a new house.

I try to enjoy my birthday but September is fast becoming my most hated month. It started with 9/11 and that same year I lost two of the best friends a guy could ever have. Nathan Womack and Shawn Emerick. I lost Nathan on my bithday to a motorcycle accident and Shawn to drugs exactly one week later. They were both in there early 20's.

Now I have lost a hero and a friend in Hughie.

Just not alot to celebrate in this month. But I'll try to keep some music posted in the middle of this move which is the main reason for lack of posts.

Nathan Womack 1978-2001


Anonymous said...

Keep smiling and enjoy your B-day!! Ahhh 31 I remember that about 16 years ago!! Good luck on the new house and I so sorry to hear about your friends god bless them both.


The Speculative Savage said...

Happy b'day, same as above, except slightly older.

Anonymous said...

may you never forget your friends
and may they never forget they are in your heart and mind.keep their memories forever.let them live with you.all the best.and happy birthday

bigfootkit said...

Happy birthday to you Skynfan.
There's a gift for you in the Sage by Sage comments.

Mitch Lopate said...

May your upcoming year of life be memorable, fulfilling, and musical.
(Gave your regards to Scott B. as asked!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday
Thanks for sharing yourself and tunes

Skynfan said...

Thank You all for your comments. I've been bustn my ass remodeling this new house. I hope to be moved in there by next weekend. Stay tuned for some good ol Southern bands.

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear about your friends. BTW, take your time on the remodeling. If your wife is anything like mine, she'll want to move the day you're finished!!!

- zig

e said...

Sorry to hear about your friends. Life is short, way too short sometimes. As Warren Zevon said, 'enjoy every sandwich'.

KiaStyle said...

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