Sunday, August 26, 2007

38 Special - LIVE Old Roslyn, NY 1979

38 Special - LIVE
Old Roslyn, NY, "My Father’s Place”

1. I Been A Mover
/ Turn It On
2. Stone Cold Believer
3. Rockin` Into The Night
4. The Love That I Lost
5. Who`s Been Missin`
6. You`re The Captain
7. Robin Hood
8. Reelin` And Rockin`
9. Born To Rock & Roll
10. Girl From Tennessee
11. Big Boss Man


earthdog70 said...

Thanks man-sweet.

Luc said...

Exact titles are:
#8 Around And Around
#9 Just Wanna Rock & Roll
#10 Gypsy Belle

Luc said...

There's too a show at My Father's Place in 1977 by 38 Special.

Mickey P. said...

I actually prefer the '77 gig, which I believe was recorded before they released their first album. This gig seems, musically, more chaotic but still well worth hearing.

Anybody know if there was a feedback problem at 'My Fathers Place' or was it a 38 Special problem? lol

Anonymous said...

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