Monday, August 27, 2007


1 "B" Movie Boxcar Blues(3:49)
2 Isn't That So?(3:56)
3 Corrina(3:30)
4 Take It Easy(4:55)
5. Spoonful(3:12)
6 It Ain't Watcha Eat But the Way How You Chew It(2:45)
7 Sick and Tired(4:20)
8 Maybe Someday Baby(3:12)
9 Big River(2:51)
10 Lovinest Man(3:19)

second wind - album credits
Marty McCall
Vocals (Background)
Cary Pritkin
Assistant Engineer
Billy Sanders
Guitar (Electric)
Johnny Sandlin
Guitar (Electric), Producer, Remixing
Louis Stephens
Organ, Clavinet, Orchestration
Harver Thompson
Sax (Tenor)
Harvey Thompson
Sax (Tenor)
Steve Tillisch
Assistant Engineer
Alex Kash
Assistant Engineer, Remix Assistant
Marie Kaylan
Art Direction
Suha Gur
Digital Remastering
David Alexander
Earl Klasky
Design, Cover Design
Tori Hammond
Production Coordination
Sherlie Matthews
Vocals (Background)
Bonnie Bramlett
Vocals (Background)
Clydie King
Vocals (Background)
Mickey Thomas
Vocals (Background)
Bobbye Hall
Percussion, Conga
Barry Beckett
Piano, Piano (Electric)
Harrison Calloway
Trumpet, Arranger, Horn Arrangements
Ronnie Eades
Sax (Baritone)
Tom Flye
Engineer, Remixing
Dennis Good
Robert Harwell
Sax (Tenor)
Roger Hawkins
David Hood
Bass (Electric)
John Leslie Hug
Guitar (Acoustic), ?, Guitar (Electric), Guitar
Jimmy Johnson
Guitar (Electric)
Kalifornia Kurt Kinzel
Delbert McClinton
Harmonica, Vocals, ?, Main Performer

The venerable Delbert McClinton is a legend among Texas roots music aficionados, not only for his amazing longevity, but for his ability to combine country, blues, soul, and rock & roll as if there were no distinctions between any of them in the best time-honored Texas tradition. A formidable harmonica player long before he recorded as a singer, McClinton's career began in the late '50s, yet it took him nearly two decades to evolve into a bona fide solo artist. A critics' darling and favorite of his peers, McClinton never really became a household name, but his resurgence in the '90s helped him earn more widespread respect from both the public at large and the Grammy committee.
After his ABC deal collapsed, Delbert McClinton signed with Phil Walden's Capricorn Records in 1978. Second Wind was his debut for the label and was produced by the legendary Johnny Sandlin (of the Allman Brothers' Fillmore East and Brothers and Sisters fame), with backing by the entire Muscle Shoals stable — horns and rhythm section, and Sandlin on lead guitar, and Clydie King and Bonnie Bramlett leading a quartet of female backing vocalists. The recipe was right for a burning session of Southern-fried soul, R&B, and funky rock & roll. The material was solid. First there was "'B' Movie" (aka the notorious "'B' Movie Boxcar Blues" from the Blues Brothers movie in 1980) from the Delbert and Glen project that derailed a few years earlier. McClinton's own "Take It Easy," "It Ain't Whatcha Eat but the Way That Ya Chew It," "Maybe Someday Baby," and "Lovinest Man" were also on the set; each one a soulful funky groover, with "Take It Easy" being a straight-up Memphis-styled soul tune. The new arrangement of Taj Mahal/Jesse Ed Davis's take on "Corrina" shuffled and simmered the pot with a burgeoning intensity. The Allmans themselves, immediately following "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" during their live set, could have executed this spooky, jazzed-up read of Willie Dixon's "Spoonful." The horn chart in Chris Kenner and Dave Bartholomew's "Sick and Tired" is so greasy it nearly slides off the platter. Add McClinton's harmonica to the break, and it's groove-a-licious dirty gumbo. In addition, McClinton's rhythmic delivery on Johnny Cash's "Big River" completely reinvents the tune before the set gets carried out with McClinton's Allen Toussaint-inspired "Lovinest Man," on which Barry Beckett's electric piano shines. Second Wind is a smoldering slow burn of an album and sounds as fresh in the 21st century as when it was recorded. ~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide


FlashG said...

Again excellent blog. When the Second Wind LP came out, Delbert played in a music bar(the Mad Hatter) in my college town (Chapel Hill, NC) circa 1978. The next day one of my buddies and I did an interviwe with him at our college radio station where we DJ'd. Most of the previous interviews had been stale (ie, "You taught John Lennon how to play the harmonica" answer "Yep"), but we let him and his guitarist go. As can be imagined, things got wild. Comments like "Hell any woman at 2:30 in the morning is good" had the record reps and my music director pulling their hair out (this was before PC). But we had a blast. and so did Delbert. He liked it so much he put us on the guest list for his next show and I ended up drinking tequila with him back stage before the show. Ah faded youth.
If you can ever post the three ABC LPs, I would be eternally grateful, as none of the comps of this material have gotten all the tracks. Your doin' a fantastic job with this blog. Keep on truckin'.

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