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Ruby Starr - Smokey Places 1977

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Track Listing
1. Time To Hide
2. Don't Let Me Down Again
3. Just A little
4. Don't Kill My Love
5. 100 Pounds Of Woman
6. When You Walk In The Room
7. Love's Made A Fool Of You
8. Do I Still Figure In Your Life?
9. On Top
10. Let Your Feet Down

smokey places - album credits

Smokey Places David Mayo Smokey Places Bass, Vocals
Smokey Places Marius Penczner Smokey Places Keyboards
Smokey Places Deke Richards Smokey Places Producer
Smokey Places Ruby Starr Smokey Places Vocals, Main Performer
Smokey Places Pat Taylor Smokey Places Vocals
Smokey Places Joel Williams Smokey Places Drums
Smokey Places Eddie Harrison Smokey Places Vocals
Smokey Places Jimmy Henderson Smokey Places Guitar - Black Oak
Smokey Places Greg Rding Smokey Places Guitar
Smokey Places Ron Capone Smokey Places Engineer
Smokey Places Debbie Cathey Smokey Places Vocals

Discography Albums
Ruby Jones (Curtom 1971)
Ruby Starr & Grey Ghost (Capitol 1975)
Scene Stealer (Capitol 1976)
Smoky Places (Capitol 1977)
Stone Junkie (Sequel, 2000)

With Black Oak Arkansas
Street Party (Atco 1974)
Balls Of Fire (MCA 1976)
Live On The King Biscuit Flower Hour 1976 (Capricorn 1998)

Ruby Starr

Ruby Starr (November 30, 1949 - January 14, 1995) was born Constance Henrietta Mierzwiak in Toledo, Ohio. Starr started performing at the age of nine under the stage name Connie Little and was later billed as Ruby Jones during the 1960s. In 1971 she was signed to Curtom Records and recorded her first album, Ruby Jones. Shortly after that album's release, Black Oak Arkansas lead vocalist Jim "Dandy" Mangrum saw Starr singing in an Evansville, Indiana, club and convinced her to join his band. At this point she assumed the stage name of Ruby Starr.

Starr toured with the band for several years at the height of their success and was featured in their Top 30 single "Jim Dandy". In 1974 she began touring on her own again as Ruby Starr & Grey Ghost (members: Gary Levin, Marius Penczner, David Mayo and Joel Williams) and released a self-titled album in 1975 on Capitol Records. Her second album, Scene Stealer, also on Capitol Records was released in 1976. During this time she continued to open for Black Oak Arkansas and other acts such as Black Sabbath and Edgar Winter. Starr also toured with Blackfoot from 1977 to 1978. Her third and last album for Capitol, Smoky Places was released in 1977.

By the dawn of the 1980s, Starr had formed a new band called Grey Star. They issued a pair of recordings which included 1981's Grey Star and 1983's Telephone Sex. Star formed her final group, Henrietta Kahn, in the late 1980s. In the early 1990s, Starr was diagnosed with cancer. She died at home in Toledo in January of 1995.

After her death, several archival releases that featured Starr were issued, including the live Black Oak Arkansas recording, Live On The King Biscuit Flower Hour 1976, and a reissue of Ruby Starr's debut album, retitled as Stone Junkie.

Ruby Starr and Black Oak Arkansas

Black Oak Arkansas

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dsotg said...

hey u around

Skynfan said...

You been able to un zip these and everything dsotg? Your moms puter didnt have winrar but MuleSkynyr's does. Dude i'm getting two Melanie albums right now that have Barry Lee Harwood on them.

bigfootkit said...

Many thanks Skynfan, i've been fruitlessly searching for some Ruby Starr stuff for ages, i can't believe you delivered the goods just like that!
I take my hat off to you sir, awesome!!!

Skynfan said...

This is a really good album too. I'm trying to track down 4 other recordings also. I had forgotten all about Ruby Starr until you had mentioned it bigfootkit. Is there anything else you've been wanting to hear? I got some friends from all over the world that have been helping me find all this rare stuff. So request on!!!!!

bigfootkit said...

Well, since you're generously inviting requests, anything else by Ruby solo, or with Grey Ghost or Grey Starr would be great.
"One In The Sun" by Steve Gaines or "Love Your Man" by the Rossington Band, would likewise, be amazing.
Maybe some Bugs Henderson? I loved his playing in the original line up of Nitzinger, but only just discovered his extensive solo catalogue, i've no idea where to begin though, perhaps you could recommend or post one of his?
Many thanks, great blog!
You might find something to interest you at the blog i co-admin, mostly rock/metal, but some southern styled stuff crops up from time to time.

bigfootkit said...

Most of the Southern styled stuff is to be found in May & June's archives, i'll post more of that style in the future too.

WVKayaker said...

Jim Dandy to the rescue! That video was awesome...brings back old old old memories..thanks!

Mad Rocket Scientist said...

why do you use download links(sharebee) that are infested with a trojan?

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