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The Randall Hall Band - EP - (ex- Allen Collins Band/Skynyrd guitarist)

1. Trust

2. Square Peg (in a round hole)

3. Just Trouble

This one is hard to find. Jimmy Doughtry from ACB and Alias is the Singer. Me and DSOTG got this one years back from a good friend Tony Bullard. (As far as I know he is second guitarist on these recordings if they didn't remix from the copy we had) But it was on cassette and we kept it under our hats. I just Found this on Soulseek last night and so I'm bringing it to you. If you liked Allen Collins Band or Alias - Contraband you must have this. And Do Randall a favor and go by his website and pick up the CD. -Skynfan

Born in Jacksonville, Florida on July 1st, 1954, Randall Is the youngest of three children. Randall’s parents and both sets of grandparents were musically inclined but not professional; they sang and played just for fun. Mrs. Hall took Randall to shows at the Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum staring Jimmy Dean, Minnie Pearl, and the Country stars of the era.

Randall’s Brother Greg and friends attended shows on their own as they grew older. The young Rascals were big and the WAPE “shower of stars” included them and five other bands per show. The Hall Bros. used to see the soon to be Allman Bros. around town.

Once in ’67 Randall and his school bud Mike Boger went to see the Monkees play “I’m a believer” but little did they know their beliefs would change. The opening act was the unknown “Jimi Hendrix” experience. Once they heard “Purple Haze” the Monkey’s seemed to be in a forgotten fog. Greg Hall had a Silvertone guitar and amp kit that Randall messed with a little, but just started getting serious when Greg sold that rig. Shortly Mrs. Hall saw that Randall kept an interest and bought him another guitar and amp. She helped him upgrade to his first Gibson SG, and soon a Les Paul Deluxe.

The jamming garage bands soon evolved into Randall’s first band called “SKY”. The first playing gig ironically came on the day that Jimi passed away.

The band “Running Easy” formed around ’71, which included Ken Lyons (who later became 38 Special’s bassist). They were joined by upside down, left handed guitarist Jim Harrison and Joe Kremp on drums. Running Easy had opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd in April ’72 for an Earth Day celebration downtown Jacksonville. This was the day Randall met a friend who would ultimately change his life - Allen Collins. Skynyrd did not yet have Atimus Pyle, Billy Powell or Ed King. They used two drummers Ricky Medlocke and Bob Burns.

Allen said to Randall “man you’re a hot dog aren’t you?” Soon Running Easy and Lynyrd Skynyrd did more shows together at colleges and other events. Ronnie Van Zant was instrumental in getting agents to hear Running Easy. So, they ended up getting on the “Chitlin Circuit”. Ronnie introduced Randall to Allen & Phil Walden in Atlanta at Funochio’s, he said “you guys this is Randall Hall, he is 17 and he’s gonna play, so listen cause you’re gonna hear of him again someday” and they did!

Years later, Randall played with various versions of Running Easy and even backed up the folk singer “Melanie” in ’79. Derek Hess was with Randall then and he soon joined the Rossington Collins band on drums. Randall was considered as a member for RCB but Barry Harwood got the gig, after playing in Running Easy.

In the Early 80’s RCB made a change to the Allen Collins Band along with Barry Harwood, Derek Hess, Billy Powell, Leon Wilkerson and Jimmy Dougherty. They recorded “Here, There and Back” on MCA records. Randall co-wrote two songs “Just trouble” and “Everything you need” on the one and only ACB album. After two years ACB disbanded and everyone had their own pursuits to fulfill.

In 1987 Allen Collins asked Randall to take his place in “Lynyrd Skynyrd” as he was paralyzed from an auto accident. The debut of the Tribute band on Labor Day at Charlie Daniel’s Volunteer Jam in Tennessee included Stevie Ray Vaughn, Charlie Daniels Band, Toy Caldwell and Mason Ruffner. Randall played side by side with Stevie on the last jam of the show. Back at the hotel after the show Randall met Bill Graham for the first time and asked him about Jimi Hendrix and his experience with him. Walking down the hall afterwards Randall saw Allen Walden and said "hey Allen, do you remember me? Ronnie Van Zant told you that you’d hear from me someday- so hello!" The Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute toured and recorded Live, Southern by the grace of God, Lynyrd Skynyrd ’91 and The Last Rebel. Randall co wrote “Backstreet Crawler” and “Outta Hell In My Dodge”

From 1987-1994 Lynyrd Skynyrd toured the US, Europe and Japan. During this period Randall and Skynyrd had jammed with Charlie Daniels, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Carlos Santana to name a few guests.

Although Randall loved all the guys in Skynyrd, they parted ways. Randall has since started his own project with original tunes ... Your gonna love it! When Randall's not playing you can most likely find him cookin' up some of the best meat this side of the Mississippi on the grill for his family and friends. He's one of the best guitar pickers around but his family and friends think he'd make one helluva chef! -------Taken From Randall's website

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