Thursday, August 2, 2007

Black Cat Bones at the Marquee club (Paul Kossoff)

Black Cat Bones was a British heavy blues rock group from London. The band formed in 1966 with original members Paul Tiller (vocals and harmonica), lead guitarist Paul Kossoff, brothers Derek Brooks (rhythm guitar) and Stu Brooks (bass), and drummer Terry Sims. The band is perhaps best known for having had Kossoff and Simon Kirke in its lineup. Kossoff and Kirke later joined Free in 1968 and Kirke also became a founding member of Bad Company in 1974.

Black Cat Bones (named after a voodoo talisman associated with blues music) played regularly on the London pub circuit.[1] Early in the band's existence came several personnel changes, with Terry Sims being replaced by drummer Frank Perry. Perry would be replaced in early 1968 by drummer Simon Kirke. Paul Tiller was later replaced by vocalist Brian Short.

Formed in 1968, Free started in the London pubs when drummer Simon Kirke and guitarist Paul Kossoff, then in the blues band, Black Cat Bones, heard Paul Rodgers singing with the band, Brown Sugar. The three enlisted sixteen year old Andy Fraser from John Mayall's Bluesbreakers.

I can't find shit out about this show. I think Simon Kirke is on here but i'm not at all sure. Paul Kossoff on the other hand is all over this. A must Have. Its the oldest Paul Kossoff recording that I know of. If you know otherwise please let me know. Oh yea and there is a version of The Hunter on here as well. I'm listening to it right now and Hell yea this Kicks ASS!!!!!

Check out this site here for info on a lost Paul Kossoff album

P.S. If you have any info on this show please leave me a comment.


andre said...

I love the British Blues Scene from the Sixtees.I cannot believe to findthis here.Many Thanks

Mr Pinkwhistle said...

I would love to believe this really was early Paul Kossoff from listening to just the first track (not on good listening equipment though at the moment). Whatever, I approve the extension of your blog to the British bands (and fans) who really appreciate the kind of authentic, rootsy, Southern (not forgetting how it develops and changes) music you are promoting.

I too will try to find out about this show.... Thanks again for a great blog which I've only just discovered.

Anonymous said...

This isn't Kossoff. he's left by then. This is Rod Price, later with Foghat.

Check out.

this is 'THE' Free guy