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Bonnie Bramlett - Its Time

it's time - album reviews

Although Delaney Bramlett co-wrote the first track, "Your Kind Of Kindness" along with Bonnie and Jerry Allison, he is nowhere else to be found on It's Time, a project recorded in Macon, Georgia. This is Bonnie Bramlett with a little help from her friends, Gregg Allman, Butch Trucks, Chuck Leavell, saxophone player Randall Bramblett, Big Bill Stewart, Eddie Hinton, Clydie King, Shirley Matthews and lots of others. This is Bonnie going deep into Cajun soul music with chirping horns and earthy guitars. Ivory Joe Hunter's "Since I Met You Baby" oozes authenticity with Tommy Talton's slide guitar and Chuck Leavall's keys. Even a cover of Jackie Wilson's smash "Higher & Higher" moves away from pop and gets immersed in Southern Rock and blues. And a modern instrument like Tom Ridgeway's ARP Synthesizer does nothing to change that. This is probably the artistic album Janis Joplin wanted to make, free from the constraints of a Top 40 mentality. The same year, Stone The Crows' Maggie Bell put out Queen Of The Night produced by Jerry Wexler in New York. The similarities - and differences - in these two albums by women whose voices shake the foundations of everything in their path, are worth studying. While Joplin electrified the Kozmic Blues with a touch of psychedelia five years earlier, Bonnie Bramlett takes the Gregg and Janice Allman title "Oncoming Traffic and creates a subtle explosion utilizing traditional sounds. From sweet to violent, Chuck Leavell on piano, Gregg Allman on organ, the result is mesmerizing. That the Allman Brothers enormous popularity, coupled with the success of Delaney & Bonnie did not propel It's Time to a more solid place in rock history is a mystery. Bonnie Bramlett is so much more than the gal on Roseanne's TV show - and these ten titles speak with an authority that Etta James' legion of fans have come to embrace. It's Time is a treasure ripe to be discovered by a new generation of blues enthusiasts, the title track just a magnificent and powerful work of art. ~ Joe Viglione, All Music Guide

it's time - track listing

track# song name track time
1 Your Kind of Kindness (3:50)
2 Atlanta, Georgia (2:49)
3 It's Time (5:11)
4 Cover Me (4:05)
5 Higher and Higher (2:20)
6 Where You Come From (2:47)
7 Cowboys and Indians (4:15)
8 (Your Love Has Brought Me A) Mighty Long Way (3:02)
9 Since I Met You Baby (3:03)
10 Oncoming Traffic (7:14)

it's time - album credits

It's Time Tom Ridgeway It's Time Synthesizer
It's Time Johnny Sandlin It's Time Guitar, Percussion, Producer
It's Time Tommy Talton It's Time Guitar
It's Time Jerry Thompson It's Time Drums
It's Time Kenny Tibbetts It's Time Bass, Percussion
It's Time Butch Trucks It's Time Conductor
It's Time Harold Williams It's Time Saxophone
It's Time Bill Stewart It's Time Drums
It's Time Dave Brown It's Time Saxophone
It's Time Sherlie Matthews It's Time Vocals
It's Time Bonnie Bramlett It's Time Vocals, Main Performer
It's Time Clydie King It's Time Vocals
It's Time Lagatha Beck Smallwood It's Time Vocals
It's Time Scott Boyer It's Time Guitar
It's Time Randall Bramblett It's Time Saxophone
It's Time Earl Ford It's Time Trombone
It's Time Eddie Hinton It's Time Guitar
It's Time Ricky Hirsch It's Time Horn
It's Time Paul Hornsby It's Time Keyboards
It's Time Jaimoe It's Time Conductor
It's Time Leo Labranche It's Time Trumpet
It's Time Chuck Leavell It's Time Piano
It's Time Gregg Allman It's Time Organ

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