Monday, August 27, 2007

BeaverTeeth - BeaverTeeth 1977 ( Rodney Justo - ARS)

1. I'm Callin'
2 Just Another Local Band
3 You Wanna Go to Heaven (But You Don't Wanna Die)
4 Where No Man's Been Before
5 Dixie Fried
6 Sing for You
7 Sacred Harmony
8 Hope
9 World's Really Flat
10 Where Does Love Go (When It Goes Away)

beaverteeth - album credits
Jay Scott
Horn, Vocals (Background)
Laura Scott
Horn, Vocals (Background)
Steve Clark
Producer, Main Performer
Rodney Justo


Clarence said...

Thank for another blast of good southern rock (both albums).

Anonymous said...

Beaverteeth with Rodney Justo singing was a great group, but I need to point out that before Rodney joined as lead singer, Beaverteeth was B. J. Thomas's backup band. The group consisted of Charlie Silva, drums and vocal, John Rainey Adkins, guitar, David Adkins, guitar and keyboard, and me, Jimmy Dean on bass. We would do an opening set, then Rodney, who worked for B. J., would come on with B. J. and we would do his show. Not really important in the greater scheme of things, but just thought I would set the record straight.
Jimmy Dean

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I had this on cassette and have been searching for a good digital copy. Where can I find it?

Lenardk said...

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