Wednesday, August 29, 2007

NDN - Warrior's Pride (Blackfoot Members)

NDN ~ Warrior's Pride CD

1. Summoning or the Spirits
2. Great Spirit
3. Traveler
4. Warrior's Pride
5. Heart to Heart
6. Stay With Me Tonoght
7. Times We've Had
8. Wen De Aho
9. Indian
10. Home
11. Summoning Reprise

NDN has been a vision for Greg T. Walker. As the founding member and seventeen year veteran of the rock group "Blackfoot", he has played to sold out stadiums, coliseums and arenas all over the world. A proven songwriter, entertainer and mainstay in the music industry, he has begun an exciting new journey featuring all original songs displaying an affinity for his Creek heritage as well as Native peoples everywhere. The writing and recording of this music was a labor of love. Check out the website

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