Sunday, August 12, 2007

Alvin Lee and Mylon LeFevre - On The Road to Freedom

1. On the Road to Freedom
2. World Is Changing (I Got a Woman Back in Georgia)
3. So Sad (No Love of His Own)
4. Fall Angel
5. Funny
6. We Will Shine
7. Carry My Load
8. Lay Me Back
9. Let 'Em Say What They Will
10. I Can't Take It
11. Riffin
12. Rockin' Til the Sun Goes Down
13. So Sad (No Love of His Own) [Single Version][*]

By Dennis Hawley (Asheville, NC) - See all my reviews
This side project of Alvin Lee (departing from Ten Years After's no-holds-barred style) contains some of his best work. Those who are only familiar with such monster albums as 'Cricklewood Green' and 'A Space in Time' may find this work puzzling. Hooking up with American gospel singer Mylon Le Fevre, Lee served up helpings of more textured, sophisticated music than TYA. Even overt rockers like 'Riffin' and 'Fallen Angel' exhibit a more "roots-rock" sound than such songs as '50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain'. Using the talents of many big names (including George Harrison and several 'Traffic' members), the result is more varied and intricate than previous works. Even his blistering guitar work shows more finesse than usual with TYA's releases. The songs here range from the interesting-but-mediocre ('Lay Me Back' and 'Carry My Load') to the truly superlative (the title tune, 'The World is Changing' and the country-fried 'Funny'). In my opinion, one of Alvin Lee's best songs (maybe his very best) is the titular 'On the Road to Freedon'; with Mylon Le Fevre providing only backing vocals on this track, it effectively is Alvin Lee and Traffic (Steve Winwood on piano, Jim Capaldi on drums and Rebob on congas). Boy, is it one great song. Searing guitar, solid drumming, tasteful piano, a rousing melody and Lee's vocals never sounding better. It's nice to have this release available after so long.
One other point...I don't agree at all with the negative review published here. I cannot hear any "needle scratching" (and I have a very good quality system). What I do hear is great separation, full-ranging dynamics and clarity. Maybe the reviewer got a bad disc. This is on the Repertoire label, known for their superior quality products (check out their release of 'Broken Barricades' by Procol Harum for a sonic treat).

By Gord Wilson (Bellingham, WA USA) - See all my reviews
I had this as a record, along with a number of other Mylon LPs. Since most reviewers wrote about the Alvin Lee/ Ten Years After side of the duo, I'll write about Mylon's colorful past. Mylon came from the LeFevre southern gospel singing family and was kicked out for having long hair. His rock band, The Holy Smoke Doo Dah Band was the first group to have its own custom rolling papers. He cut an album on Cotillion called Mylon which, along with Larry Norman, invented gospel rock.

He later returned to his gospel roots (but as a rocker) with a band called Broken Heart, and became a music minister. Along the way he released a number of records, few of which have made it to CD. My favorite is an album called Weak at the Knees on, I think, Warner Brothers (before Broken Heart). Mylon has a great sourthern rock voice. He later made a video called "Stranger to Danger" that some people don't like but I really did, in which he rides a motorcycle, which he loves to do. He's worked a lot with Allan Toussant (sp.?) and is, I think, one of the great neglected rockers of our time.

on the road to freedom (bonus track) - album credits

On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Mike PattoOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Percussion, Vocals (Background)
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)RebopOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Conga
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Andy SteinOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Fiddle
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Tim HinckleyOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Organ, Piano, Vocals (Background)
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Andy JaworskiOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Engineer, Cover Photo
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Chris WelchOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Liner Notes
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)EROCOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Remastering, Restoration
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Mick FleetwoodOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Drums
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Alvin LeeOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Bagpipes, Bass, Guitar, Mixing, Harmony Vocals, Producer, Vocals, Sitar, Drums
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Harold BurgonOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Engineer
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Mylon LeFevreOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Rhythm), Bass, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Harmony, Guitar (12 String), Percussion
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Jim CapaldiOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Drums
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Steve WinwoodOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Piano
On the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Ron WoodOn the Road to Freedom (Bonus Track)Bass, Drums, Guitar (12 String), Slide Guitar, Guitar


Skynfan said...

I'm listing to this right now and I have to say that this is pretty good. I have this on L'P' somewhere. I bought this in Nashville some time back for 20$ Hoping to find the next great album. But I don't know if I ever even listened to it because for some reason I thought it wasn't all that great. But I love slide guitar always have and Ron Wood is all over the place. So I guess I musta had some good shit back then because I would have loved this. Not to mention Traffic and George Harrison is on here also.

Anonymous said...

hey that shit worked dsotg

Skynfan said...

its cool as hell if you go to youtube and find a video you want just copy the address and hit start.

Now its time to fill up that new hard drive

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bigfootkit said...

Skynfan, by way of a thank you i'm sending you these Southern style links.
I posted all these myself for the blog i co-admin, hopefully there'll be something amongst them that you're after.
Or if you'd like to repost the links for your own visitors, please feel free if you think they'd enjoy hearing some of this stuff.
Anyway, enjoy:


BLACKHORSE - Same (1978)



HYDRA - Rock The World (1977)

ASHBURY - Endless Skies (1983)

NITZINGER - Same (1972)

NITZINGER - One Foot In History (1972)

NITZINGER - Live Better Electrically (1976)

DAVE CHASTAIN BAND - Rockin' Roulette (1980)

I've included txt files & art in the rars too.
Hope you find a few things to make you smile amongst this little lot, and many thanks again for all the great posts my friend.

Skynfan said...

bigfootkit thank you very much. I was needing THose Winter Brothers and That Hydra. See thats what I love about folks that listen to our type of music, there always friendly and willing to help you. And thats the way it should be. Thanks very much.

bigfootkit said...

Nice to be able to give a little back to you Skynfan, it's the least i could do.
Glad you found a few items you were after from my humble contribution.
I take it that means you've heard all the others too then?
Damn, i thought i had obscure taste!
Best wishes from a fellow brother of the road.

Mitch Lopate said...
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Fuzzbox said...

hey ... fab album !!! just downloaded it ...

Thanks & keep it rollin' ...

Peace from Germany